iBallz Originals In Review – Testicular Fortitude For Your iPad!

We all love our iPads. This supposed “consumption only” device has become an important part of many of our digital lives. It’s no wonder then that we want to keep it safe. Cases are great and I’ve got a few myself. However there are times when you don’t want to have it all wrapped up, and the bulk it adds makes the tablet seemingly less convenient. Enter iBallz, easily one of the most uniquely designed (and eye catching) accessories for the iPad. And with a name like that, I had to get my hands on a pair.

The design of the iBallz is quite minimal actually. It’s just 4 balls with notches carved out to accommodate the iPad and an elastic cord running through them all. Admittedly, when I first saw the product online, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from a performance standpoint. Well, after having had sometime to play around with them (the iBallz of course), I’ve found that it works surprisingly well. After numerous test drops, my iPad was perfectly fine, with no scratches or any other damages to speak of. Even without a “regular” case now to protect the iPad, I’m definitely not as worried about dropping it thanks to the iBallz.

One of my favorite features of the iBallz is the ability to prop up the device for reading or typing (much like a mini kick stand). By removing one of the corners and placing it behind your iPad, it’s elevated at a nice angle. Perfect for when you’re working at a table. That being said, it also works perfectly fine with all sides attached. It’s just nice to have options available to you.

A couple neat things I did notice while using the iBallz on my lap is that the 2 balls on the bottom make perfect hand/wrist supports while typing (which I am doing right now!). Another is preventing possible liquid damage. While working at the table the other day, I accidentally knocked over a can of soda. Had my iPad been placed flat on its back, Pepsi would have been all over that like white on rice. Thankfully the iPad was elevated from the table just enough so that the soda ran underneath and past it without incident. Awesome!

The actual “Ballz” are made of a hard foam material. They are attached to an elastic rope that has just enough slack for you to be able to slide your iPad into the carved out spaces, all the while keeping them hugged snugly against the device. Prior to testing the accessory, I had wondered whether the cable running around the edges would quickly become annoying. Surprisingly, I have barely noticed it since day 1. It should also be noted that there is one designated ballz that has a special cut out to accommodate the Sleep button on the top right hand corner of the iPad (I found out the hard way after it kept going to sleep intermittently). So don’t be like me. Read the instructions and look first. Other than that, installation was quick and painless.

Although the design of the iBallz is way out there, I truly think that anyone who gives them a chance will enjoy using it with their iPad. Available in black or blue, they allow you to use your iPad practically bare while still offering plenty of protection. The price point ($19.95) in my opinion is perfect and coupled with some of the other accessories they offer, the iBallz is the perfect suite of protective materials for your Jesus tablet.

Product: iBallz EyeLid Manufacturer: Friendly Integration LLC
Price: $19.95
  • Unique/innovative design
  • Heavy duty shock protection
  • Non-invasive
  • Great price
  • None to mention


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