SMEStorage supports Azure Cloud Storage for iOS, Android and BlackBerry

London, United Kingdom – SMEStorage today is pleased to announce that it has added support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Microsoft Azure Blob Storage provides persistent, durable storage in the cloud on the Microsoft Azure services platform.

Azure Stored files can now immediately be accessed and managed from all clients and tools that SMEStorage supports, which include desktop cloud tooling and virtual drives for Windows, Mac and Linux, and also mobile support for iPhone/iPad, Android and BlackBerry. There are also plug-in’s for the Firefox and Chrome internet browsers and SMEStorage also makes available access to Azure from a WebDav and Amazon S3 API.

For business users, they can now use Azure Storage as the data storage for a “File Server in the Clouds” which compliments or replaces the traditional office file server.

CEO Ian Osborne stated, “We are very pleased to add the Azure Storage cloud to the list of Clouds that can be used from our Platform. We now support over 15 clouds and will continue to add further clouds based on user and market demand.”

“We see users information in such clouds becoming increasingly fragmented. Google Docs for documents, and Flickr for photos are just two examples. The ability to access and manage disparate information sources either from the desktop or on the move, we believe will be come increasingly valuable both to consumers and businesses.”

“Our platform is an open cloud platform in which users can choose which combinations of file storage they wish to use with the confidence that they can access their data from the web, any Operating System, and any mobile client.”

Osborne finished by saying “We look forward to soon announcing support for other file and information Clouds that will be supported by the SMEStorage Data Access and Collaboration Service.”

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
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SMEStorage provides provide a cloud storage gateway in which file meta-data is synchronised, but all files continue to reside on the original storage platform. In this way SMEStorage can offer value added services and clients to existing cloud storage providers, whilst also providing a single cloud file system which enables files from many different cloud storage providers to be managed in one cloud file tree. SMEStorage provide services to individual users, and also to corporate users via its Organisation ‘FileServer in the Cloud’ platform offering, which combines file sharing, user management and collaboration features. Copyright (C) 2010 SMEStorage. All Rights Reserved.

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