Freebies Roundup: Push Panic and more Free for Limited Time

You ever fire up a game on your iPhone and are (pleasantly) surprised at how much fun it really is? Well Push Panic, now Free Today, was one of those games for me when it first released several months back. Its vibrant Retina graphics, simple yet addictive gameplay and multiple game modes brings a whole new dimension to “tapping” games on the iOS. Your goal is to chain (by tapping) together as many blocks of the same color as possible and eliminate them from the screen before all the blocks overflow beyond the panic bar above. The more you play, the more you realize the various strategies required for each level. Simple put, this is one fantastic Freebie you don’t want to miss.

As usual, more paid–>free apps can be found within. Do hurry though, as they won’t last for very long!

Push Panic

iPhone Screenshot 3

Push Panic is an exciting and colorful new puzzle game that introduces four frantically fun game modes and fast-paced gameplay!

Tap the boxes to blast combinations off the screen before the pile reaches the red panic bar and topples over! Push Panic includes 50 intense levels and each of the four exhilarating modes introduces explosive new challenges and a competitive live ranking system.

Push Panic Appular, Push Panic, Size: 18.6 MB – Free

100 Rogues

iPhone Screenshot 3

… About 100 Rogues …
100 Rogues is an arcade-style, dungeon crawling adventure for iPad and iPhone. You won’t find another game that looks, plays or sounds like 100 Rogues. WARNING: Your unfortunate Rogue’s death is almost guaranteed on each and every playthrough.

… Features …
• A mixture of handcrafted and randomly generating maps.
• Three unique player classes — each with completely different skill trees and abilities.
• Discover swords, axes, daggers, throwing knives, rocks, food, potions, scrolls, armor and gold as well as many rare items.

100 Rogues Fusion Reactions, 100 Rogues, 35.7 MB – Free

Boxing Fighter

iPhone Screenshot 4

Boxing Fighter is the first iPhone / iPod Touch Boxing game done in the classic styles of Street Fighter™ and Mortal Combat™, with beautiful landscape mode fights and massive special attacks!

• Try yourself out on single fights, or go for the world title in the 100 bout career mode
• Unlock four different locations from the Street Bar to the Death Match Club
• Take your opponent to the ropes and win major title bouts to take home the belts!
• Train your fighter in various techniques to help you beat the stronger fighters
• Buy new gear for your boxer including training machines and enhanced equipment

Boxing Fighter Morning Egg Inc., Boxing Fighter, Size: 24.9 MB – Free

The Game is Afoot

iPhone Screenshot 2

Put your examination skills to the test and solve 6 mysteries based on the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries. BONUS eBook downloads with every case you crack!

Scour the world hunting for hidden clues in two immersive gameplay modes that let YOU become the detective. Test your skills of deduction within 30 unique environments. Think its all “Elementary, my dear?” Download to find out! Created by Mobile Deluxe™, the trusted authority in casual games since 2003.

The Game is Afoot Mobile Deluxe, The Game is Afoot, 26.1 MB – Free

Protector: The Planes

iPhone Screenshot 5

Vast armies of evil march against you as fireballs and poison clouds fly overhead. Assemble an army of wizards and warriors, and bring all your magic and steel to bear against your foes. Protector: The Planes is the latest game in an epic tower defense series which has been played over 50 million times! Over 30% larger than the original version, Protector: The Planes contains amazing new features never before seen in the series. Unleash devastating super-powers such as the meteor strike, blizzard, poison nova and chain lightning to name a few. Employ the fearsome Chaos Knight once you have conquered the mortal realms. Experience 10 planar battles each with new game-play elements that drastically alter the strategies that work well in the mortal realms!

Protector: The Planes NTT Resonant Inc., Protector: The Planes, 14.2 MB – Free

Ninja Chicken 2: Shoot’em Up

iPhone Screenshot 1

Ninja Chicken 2 is a very enjoyable, addictive game with a highly amusing and original premise and its great for short bursts or to play for ages. Its three game modes and Game Center integration give it longevity and its well done graphics and sound top off the package. Highly recommended!—

Stop thinking! Shoot the pigs!
The pigs have returned and are now engaging in a full-on direct attack against the Ninja Chicken Clan! This time, the Ninja Chickens have to fend them off with their cannon.

Ninja Chicken 2:shoot'em up KONGZHONG, Ninja Chicken 2:shoot’em up, 22.2 MB – Free

Moon Drop

iPhone Screenshot 1

Welcome to the moon! It is your duty to skillfully guide the lander pods of arriving lunar colonists from the void of space down to the safety of the landing pad. Control their flight paths and descent speed after the start of each wave by touching points underneath them on the screen. Each wave of pods is a little larger, requiring you to be quicker and more attentive. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, try and land the pods dead center on the pad or in groups for an extra bonus!

Moon Drop NimbleBit, Moon Drop (TMA Review), 3.2 MB – Free

Pirate Go

iPhone Screenshot 1

Welcome to the world of “Pirate Go”! This is an amazing wonderland, full of mysterious places. Your goal is to solve puzzles to guide Pirate Fairy escaping through this mysterious world.

It’s a great puzzle game, a combination of various challenges for your intelligence and a fantastic entertainment for your leisure time. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just try every solution you could come up with. Just Try and have fun!

Pirate Go Funship Entertainment, Pirate Go, 15.0 MB – Free

Mortal Skies – Modern Air Combat Shooter

iPhone Screenshot 4

1944, You are one of the last pilots to stop an invading hostile superpower. Will you succeed to destroy them and turn the tide of World War 2 ?
Mortal Skies is a Classic Shoot Em Up arcade action game with action packed gameplay and awesome graphics. Discover this fast paced shoot em up action game with hours, even days of fun. Collecting all achievements will keep you challenged to unlock extra planes and a bonus level.

Mortal Skies - Modern War Air Combat Shooter Erwin Jansen, Mortal Skies – Modern War Air Combat Shooter – Free

Super Blast

iPhone Screenshot 5

Super Blast 2 is out now!

Super Blast is an action-packed fun arcade shooter with super easy game control. You are playing with a trigger-happy robot, who is cleaning up the universe from creepy monsters. Beware, don’t let any monsters pass you! Collect a variety of weapons on your flight through the Galaxy. Newer and better weapons will make your job a little easier. If you are under pressure fighting off enemies, just tap the screen and resolve the matter with an ultimate Super Blast.

Super Blast Phantoom Entertainment, Super Blast, 15.3 MB – Free

Chop Chop Ninja

iPhone Screenshot 3

The world needs a hero!
The Emperor’s daughter is in danger and needs your help! Face your enemies and explore the world to save your princess from a terrible curse! Use the ancestral ninja arts to fight hordes of enemies, destroy objects, avoid traps and many other dangers. Chop Chop Ninja is a fun and intuitive platformer specifically designed for the iPhone & iPod Touch!

Chop Chop Ninja Gamerizon, Chop Chop Ninja, Size: 41.8 MB – Free

X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat

iPhone Screenshot 2

Those other flight sim games are fun, but do you find their controls and flight dynamics overly complex? X Invasion 2’s arcade style gameplay makes flight simple and intuitive so you can spend more time worrying about the action!

Hostile aliens have invaded San Francisco, and you are mankind’s last line of defense. X Invasion 2 redefines the 3D arcade-style flight combat genre with intense gameplay, epic storyline, and intuitive controls!

X Invasion 2 allows you to fly freely in true 3D over 10,000 square miles of photorealistic and geographically accurate views of the San Francisco Bay Area.

X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat Viderea, Inc., X Invasion 2: Extreme Combat, 164 MB – Free

Sticker Shooting Star 2

iPhone Screenshot 1

Sticker Shooting Star – A casual action shooting game full of Excitement!! Sticker images are used in the entire game play and you can draw your own sticker characters, weapons and monsters. Create your own game by changing the game stickers with your created stickers!

Sticker Shooting Star 2 Bluepepper, Inc., Sticker Shooting Star 2, Size: 19.3 MB – Fre

Tap 2 Dance Lil’ Urban Dancer

iPhone Screenshot 1

Tap the circles using as many fingers as you can! Then swipe through the path of arrows. See if you can get a x128 multiplier!!! Will your fingers be able to break dance? or will they break from dancing?

Tap 2 Dance is a dancing rhythm reaction match game featuring cute mini characters, and awesome music (because it’s your own).

Can you keep the beat and move with style? Drop that guitar and ditch the band… become a hip-hop dance hero by crunking, breaking, and stepping up to take the victory at the Battle of the Beats dance competition

Tap 2 Dance Lil' Urban Dancer Hanson, Tap 2 Dance Lil’ Urban Dancer, 21.1 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

The object of the game is to match the blocks with the same color background. There are six different colors, each color with specific valid moves. When pressing a certain block, the valid positions will glow to show where you can make your move.

Might sound easy, but once you take some time on it, you’ll discover a very challenging game, with strategies to build and tricky puzzles to solve.

Huebris Octavian Stirbei, Huebris, 9.8 MB – Free

Runaway UFO

iPhone Screenshot 4

Get ready to Runaway with a UFO? Here Comes a New Game For Everyone by KinBread Games.

Dodge and Weave through Waves of bullets while Rescue Alien Refugees. And remember More Danger, More Score!
More Information at

3 MODES : Time Attack, Wave Attack, Random Wave.
Play 35 Waves with Own Style to Destroy Your UFO.
6 Control Presets to Control.

Runaway UFO KinBread, Runaway UFO, 13.6 MB – Free

Fruit Salad (iPad Only)

iPad Screenshot 1

Moo Cow needs you, are you up for the challenge?
Collect as much fruit as you can! Progress through levels and unlock new farms. It’s time to feed the fruit need. Fruit salad is Kid friendly, Dietician approved and fun for all ages. Simple, Intense and fun.

Plinko styled game play, with an organic twist, drop your fruits from the sky and watch them fall into the basket below, oh yeah, it’s a moving basket. Power ups aid you by providing extra fruit and points to ensure a bountiful harvest. For the love of fruit, kids, country and the world!

Fruit Salad Robert Unseld, Fruit Salad, 23.1 MB – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Did you EVER wonder how your iPhone could make the WORLD a GREENER place? With Greenit! YOU CAN DO IT! And empower yourself to make a Difference!

The old saying IS TRUE: “A PICTURE is worth a thousand words.” ECO-conscious individuals are already “Provingit!” by showing how the world CAN BE a better place through Greenit! customized design imaging on their iPhone. Add GREEN and CLEAN elements that will illustrate how EXACT sustainable progress could be achieved!

Think of a place (maybe your neighborhood) that would benefit from sustainable ACTION. Simply snap a picture of reality and Greenit! IMPROVE and DESIGN a sustainable Greenit! image utilizing natural plant life to clean technology (ex. Solar Panels).

Greenit! Fullcircle Innovations, Greenit!, 3.6 MB – Free

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