Google Goggles Now Adds Support for Print Ads, Solves Sudokus

Google Goggles, a neat visual search tool that first made its way into the Google Mobile App last October, has just received some nifty upgrades. Firstly, pointing your iDevice camera at US print advertisements (those from August 2010 onward) will display more info about that product/service online. Secondly, GG will now help Sudoku fiends solve the puzzle at hand with the help of the onboard camera:

Our favorite weekend distraction is a quiet 15 minutes spent solving a Sudoku puzzle. But even that can be an frustrating experience if (like us) you make a mistake and are unable to solve the puzzle. Now, Goggles on Android and iPhone can recognize puzzles and provide answers to help make you faster than a Sudoku champ. So if you ever get stuck, take a clear picture of the entire puzzle with Goggles and we’ll tell you the correct solution. Check out this video to see how it works.

The Google Mobile App is free to download and those who enjoy attacking a Sudoku here and there should definitely give this new feature a try. Check out Google’s demo video below.

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[Google Blog]

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