Brutal Fantasy: Orcs of Undermountain for iOS – RPG/Beat-em-up Hybrid

Jersey City, New Jersey – Iskandar, Inc. today is pleased to introduce Brutal Fantasy: The Orcs of Undermountain 1.0 for iOS, their latest, action packed RPG/Beat-em-up hybrid. The game is arena based, with a set number of enemies who must be defeated per level. Unlike most other games of this kind, all the action flows logically from a continuing storyline, given exposition by meticulously inked and scripted in-game cutscenes. These narrative interstitials connect and confer meaning to the challenges met at each level. BF: OoU features vector graphics for HD display on iPad and Retina screens, 20 primary Levels – with infinite Levels beyond, and Game Center connectivity.

Developer Edwin Iskandar, author of 15 different iOS apps, including the best-selling, bloody dismemberment game Cut Him Up!, offered some insight into Brutal Fantasy. “The story is about a kingdom ravaged by an Orc uprising. The main character is a knight of the ‘Blue Guard’ whose members are sworn to defend the kingdom. They are all eventually wiped out, except himself, now the sole survivor. After the battle he hears a mysterious voice that urges him to an ancient tower – once the residence of a dark Lich, Urlocke. Here he is offered great powers in exchange for his soul. Desperate for vengeance, he accepts – his soul is now merged with that of the dark Lich.

“His journey for revenge starts in Kondor Village, the knight’s hometown. On the fifth day, he meets the villager Valens, who tells him of a battle raging in Raven’s Plains. It is here that he must defeat a ‘Behemoth’ – a giant hulking Orc contraption (made of a barrel, chains, and mechanical legs and fists) that shoots cannon balls, and has a chain punch attack. Once victorious, the knight returns to his home town and continues fighting the Orc hordes. On the 15th Level a Giant Orc Marauder kills the villager Valens, but before dying, he tells the knight that the princess is still alive and that he must save her at the royal palace. Levels 16-20 take place at the royal palace. At the end of level 20 the princess is saved and the knight receives the kingdom’s gratitude. Following this quest, this soul of the Lich, Urlocke is driven from the knight’s body. The knight tries to defeat the Lich in combat, but cannot. Urlocke has bigger plans for him …. this is the end of the game, but the player can keep playing to level up the character. There are plans to add new levels as an update to continue the story.”

Feature Highlights:
* A realistic, action packed RPG/Beat-em-up hybrid
* Dozens of unique weapons that enhance the player’s stats, such as the Fire Starter dagger and the Ice Queen sword
* Collect unique items such as vampire skulls, Lich Dolls, and magical tomes to enhance stats, magic skills and other capabilities
* 7 powerful magic spells including Magic Missile, Ice Spear, Golem Skin and Berzerker; mix n’ match to form unique strategies
* Upgradeable D&D style stats that effect gameplay, such as: intelligence, strength, dexterity, constitution, and luck
* 20 challenging story driven levels – unlimited levels to continue after the main quest – keep leveling up to dominate the leaderboards
* Gorgeous hand drawn artwork by renowned artist Joel “Drakxxx” Rose
* Retina display enabled for startling clarity (HD graphics also on iPads)
* Over 800+ frames of character animation making an incredibly fluid experience
* Noble blue knight of Astonia battles the ugly green Orc enemies
* Intense sound effects and musical score throughout the adventure
* Game Center enabled for global leaderboards and achievements

The elaborate game features a variety of Orc enemies, infantry Orcs, crossbow archer Orcs, musket shooting Orcs, giant warrior Orcs (Marauders), massive Orc tank bosses (Behemoths), Zombies, and spell casting Orcs (some attack directly using magic, others will cast magic to make the player’s enemies stronger). The player can gain experience and increase their attributes: strength, intelligence, dexterity, constitution, and luck. All of these affect the gameplay. For example, dexterity will make the player move faster, luck will increase the number of items dropped by enemies. New spells are unlocked every 4 levels gained. Spells are all unique, ranging from a Magic Missile, Healing, an Ice Spear (freezes enemies, who can then be shattered), flame (causes fire damage that consumes enemies over time), and golem skin (reduces damage inflicted by half). In addition, the player can collect money to purchase weapons and special items. Magical weapons and items can enhance the player skills, such as increasing attributes, and can even add special attack effects such as the Vampire Touch which adds life with each hit.

The game occurs over many days, each labeled “Day 1”, etc. At the start, players may purchase items using Gold Pieces obtained as an in-app purchase. Available are, an: iron dagger, dwarven dagger, rogue’s dagger, Lich Doll, and fire arts. After an 8-page cut-scene Intro, the game loads and play begins. The game is played with two hands in landscape mode using a 4-button touch pad, plus gestures and finger combinations for attack, retreat, and blocking, etc. The combat is highly realistic, and blood flows freely.

“The gameplay/rpg elements, artwork, and music sets this game apart from other similar games in the appstore,” stated Iskandar, Inc. Owner, Edwin Iskandar. “The artist Joel “Drakxxx” Rose actually approached me as a fan of my previous games “Buster Red” and “Cut Him Up!” and offered his services. It turned out to be a very successful collaboration with a fantastic outcome. The sheer number of art assets in the game (close to 1000 frames of animation) is pretty outstanding. We plan on continuing our collaborative efforts in the future.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
* iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4 tested)
* 132 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Brutal Fantasy – The Orcs of Undermountain for iOS is priced at $1.99 (USD), and is currently available through the App Store in the Games category. Brutal Fantasy – Prologue is a free, Lite version of the game, containing the first three levels of Brutal Fantasy – Orcs of Undermountain, and is available from the App Store. Review copies are available upon request.

Brutal Fantasy: The Orcs of Undermountain 1.0
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Located in Jersey City, New Jersey, Iskandar, Inc. was founded in 2007 by developer Edwin Iskandar. The company develops iOS games and apps for all ages. They focus on both the Games category and the Education/Book category. Popular games/apps that have hit the top 50 or higher of the US app store include: Cut Him Up!, Buster Red, Tank Run and Gun, Alphabet Creatures (iPad), and the Infant Arcade series. Copyright (C) 2007-2010 by Iskandar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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