Introducing the Hive Dock: Turn your iPhone into Powerless Mini-TV [Video]

Here’s a nifty gizmo for those of you who always wished their iPhone screens were slightly larger for viewing TV shows and movies. Created by a company called ScreenDoor Studio, the Hive Dock will essentially blow up the iPhone’s Retina Display via a magnifying lens, and thus no electricity is required.

Requiring no electronics or power, Hive amplifies the iPhone’s onboard speaker in either landscape or portrait orientation. It does this by channelling the sound into a concave chamber that projects the sound upward and outward toward the listener’s ears. A Fresnel lens stands parallel to the iPhone’s Retina Display at a set distance of 4 inches, providing crystal clear 2X magnification.

So far, it appears that the dock is only compatible with the iPhone 4, so iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS users maybe out of luck. The Hive isn’t currently on sale yet, but it will make its debut this week at CES. Check out the video demo after the gap.

[via 9to5mac]

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