3 Gameprom Pinball Games Now Free for limited time

Gameprom, well know for their bestselling Pinball games for the iPhone, is now offering Wild West Pinball, The Deep Pinball and Jungle Style Pinball as Freebies for a limited time. While these separate titles don’t have Retina Support (Pinball HD does and has all three tables as a single app), they should still satisfy your thirst for bouncing balls and high scores, especially for the price of free. Grab ’em now if you have yet to do so.

Wild West Pinball Gameprom, Wild West Pinball, 10.0 MB – Free
The Deep Pinball Gameprom, The Deep Pinball, 20.2 MB – Free
Jungle Style Pinball Gameprom, Jungle Style Pinball, 18.0 MB – Free

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