QuickerTek announces Apple Juicz Solar Charger Release v.2

Wichita, Kansas – In an effort to provide Mac uses with the widest possible range of power options, QuickerTek has expanded its solar chargers to include the just-announced 11 and 13 inch Apple MacBook Air 3rd generation laptops. These popular Apple Juicz solar power products now reach all Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. In addition, two Apple Juicz solar products provide the level of power and performance users require.

The Apple Juicz Solar Charger panel folds into an easily transportable size, yet unfolds to gather maximum sunlight to power the MacBook. It also uses the original MagSafe power connector, so users don’t need to worry about compatibility or damaging the laptop in any way.

A 27 watt Apple Juicz Solar Charger is sufficient for many users to charge the MacBook and MacBook Air. However, for those customers that need faster charging with more power, the 55 watt version is also available. The 55 watt version uses more solar panels (larger when unfolded) to gather more solar rays providing faster charging.

Most users have seen those fragile solar panels that were also very bulky, weak, costly and are a one-size-fits-all design. The Apple Juicz is a much more refined product, designed to be use by active mobile MacBook users. Often Apple Juicz Solar Charger users are in remote areas where reliable power simply is not available~ like one of our users who climbed the tallest peak in the world~ Mount Everest. Whether you mountain climb or just want to take your MacBook camping or to any remote location for vacation, or for work, freedom from the wall outlet is a welcome development.

Because QuickerTek provides both power and wireless networking options for Apple users, our customers can take a MacBook on a boat ~ powered by the Apple Juicz Solar Charger and also use one of the wireless antenna upgrade products to reach out from the boat, camper or RV to a access wireless access point.

Since QuickerTek understands the demands of working and playing when mobile, the Apple Juicz Solar Charger is designed to be used outside. Not only does it fold for easy transport, but it also features grommets around the outside of the solar panels, so that it can be secured to the ground or other surface. Whether users want to spend the day at the beach, remote camping or just out on the balcony or deck, the Apple Juicz Solar Charger makes it possible.

QuickerTek now offers solar power now for the entire Apple MacBook line of popular laptops. The two new models of 11-inch MacBook Air and both new 13-inch models can be charged with the Apple Juicz Solar Charger. In fact, these four new MacBook Airs recharge 30% faster then previous Air models.

The Apple Juicz now powers all MacBook and MacBook Pro models as well as all MacBook Air. MacBook users are no longer tethered to the AC wall outlet. The freedom to work where you want, makes the solar charger from QuickerTek very popular with all users ~ but especially in tough enviroments.

The Apple Juicz Solar Charger is fully ready to use, with all cables to make “going solar” as easy as it should be. No adjustments to regular operation are required to take full advantage of the sun. Users don’t have to do anything different in order to use the sun’s power ~ the Solar Charger power attaches to the laptop just like the stock power cable. Apple Juicz Solar Charger users also have additional power options. A 2.5 mm power connector allowing access to other QuickerTek power products such as external batteries.

* Flexible and folding fully connected solar panels;
* 5 mm connector ~ for connecting QuickerTek solar and external batteries;
* Original Apple MagSafe adapter;
* 12 volt female cigarette adapter;
* 3~foot extension cable with 2.5 mm connection;
* Grommets to secure the unfolded panels during charging

Pricing and Availability:
The 27 Watt is $700.00 (USD). The 55 Watt is priced at $1200.00 (USD). Like most QuickerTek products, the Apple Juicz Solar Charger is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Apple Juicz Solar Chargers

QuickerTek has been a recognized leading innovator of power/solar products, antennas and RF products for the Apple community. QuickerTek products can be purchased online and from authorized resellers. Copyright 2009-2011 QuickerTek. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo, and MacBook are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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