10 New App Store Games To Watch [Dec. 20 – 26]

Perfect Cell

Due to the temporary shut down of approvals and new submissions over the holidays, this past week’s 10 New Games to Watch list isn’t as abundant as most weeks.  There were still some interesting looking offerings, however, so hopefully you’ll find something in here that might have slipped under your radar as you were shopping for the perfect Christmas game.  Without further ado, here’s the roundup…

Perfect Cell – From the folks who brought us the controversial (at least in the eyes of Tim Langdell) game Edge comes an intriguing action / puzzle / stealth game.  You control the most advanced creature ever discovered on Earth, and you must escape your confinement in a high security submarine base.  You’ll play through 35 levels using an intuitive multi-touch system that will require you to control up to 3 cells at a time.  Dynamic lighting and physics combined with HD optimized visuals provide a breathtaking atmosphere.  There’s even a deep story to keep you prodding along.  When all is said and done you can even rub your achievements in your friends’ noses.

Perfect Cell Mobigame, Perfect Cell, 213 MB – $5.99

Terra – So do we need another action / RPG right now?  Well, to me it’s sort of like match 3 games – I’m always up for a new one as long as it’s entertaining.  Besides, a game that lets you build your character up 250 levels will always attract my attention!  The game boasts 17 different dungeons, 50 monster types, and 300 pieces of equipment that can be gathered and upgraded by mining ore or using enchant spells.  There are four stats and more than 50 skills that can be enhanced as you level up to try and reach that 250th level cap.  There are plenty of sub-quests to keep you busy and build you up to conquer the main quest, and numerous NPCs to talk to.  The graphics look to have that cute Zenonia style to them, and overall it seems like a good ride for 99 cents.

Terra PNJ Inc., Terra, 15.2 MB – $0.99

Rebellion – This truly fits into the category of “one to watch”.  As the game stands right now I’m not sure how enjoyable it might be, but the concept is intriguing and the planned updates could make a huge difference.  You play Jake, an 8 year old boy who’s been charged with saving the universe.  In this first episode, however, you simply need to escape the demons that are trying to kill you.  It looks like one of those “endless tunnel” style games, but the graphics are sharp and the fact that you’re a human and have a purpose adds a nice spin to the usual ship mechanic.  The future will hopefully see the game ported to UDK, integrated with game center and enhanced with more episodes, including a multi-player one.  I suspect a price increase might loom in the horizon as well, so if it sounds at all interesting at get it at the starting price now.

Rebellion PERKAT GAMES, Rebellion, 225 MB – $0.99

SillyBandz – Personally, I would have been perfectly okay if Silly Bandz had never been invented.  However, my kids seem to love them, and I’m sure they’ll love this game as well.  It looks to be sort of like Pokemon, except instead of cool creatures that transform and have nifty abilities, you’re collecting rubber bands that have magically come to life.  The game looks to be a side scrolling platform affair with some simple puzzle solving and the “gotta catch ‘em all” attitude that made Pokemon so popular.  If you’ve got kids you might want to check this out, and if you sneak a peek yourself when they’re in bed I’ll forgive you, since even platform games with goofy premises are worth a look.

SillyBandz Zoo Publishing, SillyBandz, 18.0 MB – $0.99
SillyBandz HD Zoo Publishing, SillyBandz HD, 20.6 MB – $1.99

iRome – Every time I look at the screenshots for iRome I think “Spartacus meets Defender Chronicles”.  Of course, Defender Chronicles is one of the few tower defense games (if that genre really applies) that I actually like, so seeing another game modeled after it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I also think the fact that this game uses an ancient Roman backdrop is a nice change from the typical fantasy setting of most tower defense games.  You’ll help guide a young centurion through 12 levels that span 3 different empires, gaining experience to become the ultimate leader.  Along the way you’ll master 4 special abilities and use many types of troops to demonstrate your supremacy.  Some slick looking visuals and a soundtrack that compliments each campaign round out the package.  This history may not be accurate, but it could be lots of fun.

iRome Sea Breeze Games, iRome, 38.2 MB – $2.99

Dokobots – If you travel a lot, this could be a rather interesting game.  Your task is to collect robots who want to travel the world and document their visit.  Each robot will keep a journal of the places you visit once you’ve acquired it, and you can take snapshots of your robots wherever you are at and post them to Facebook or send them to friends via email.  You can even assign your robot a “function” which will dictate the type of jornal entries they create.  There are also hidden items you can find on your travels through an augmented map interface.  If you like collecting but don’t want the combat aspect of a game like Pokemon, this just might be for you.

Dokobots Dokogeo, Dokobots, 18.9 MB – Free

DarkClaw – Not being a D&D player, I find this interesting mainly because it shows how technology continues to get integrated into more traditional forms of entertainment.  This is a fully realized D&D campaign encompassed in an iPad app.  The target group is a DM and 3-5 level 1 characters.  There are 10 predefined characters in the app, or you can use your own.  This is the first of an intended series of modules called the Dark Claw Campaign, and it promises more than 10 hours of game play.  There are even battle maps included in the package that are optimized for use with miniatures.  It sounds like the authors have covered just about everything, and you never have to worry about losing the manual or a page getting torn out.  Just be sure not to accidentally bang the players over the head with your iPad when you get frustrated with them – after all, it’s not a book any more!

DarkClaw Manuel Sanchez, DarkClaw, 3.0 MB – $6.99

RescueTeam – Lately it seems like so many aerial based games use line drawing mechanics that it’s nice to see one that actually doesn’t.  In RescueTeam you’re responsible for saving stranded people and putting out fires in 10 different scenarios that each has their own characteristics.  The game incorporates a one finger flying system that should make it easy for anyone to master.  In order to survive each scenario you must manage the integrity of the craft, watch your fuel consumption and make sure you rescue folks optimally based on the capacity of your craft.  As you achieve your objectives you’ll unlock new types of helicopters, including military based craft.  Can you save all the victims?

RescueTeam Graffiti Entertainment, RescueTeam, 64.2 MB – $1.99
Rescue Team HD Graffiti Entertainment, Rescue Team HD, 73.9 MB – $2.99

Spherenoid – There’s not much to go on based on the iTunes description, but this looks like an interesting spin on the whole Arkanoid concept.  You are a robot trying to destroy viruses that have infected healthy cells, and you must do so from the inside out.  Your playing field is 3D, and you are trapped inside each area by the viruses.  There are 4 worlds that each contain multiple levels, and after you complete the game you can go back and try to improve your time on each level and unlock all the available achievements.  I’m not a huge fan of Arkanoid style game play, but the 3D element might be enough of a twist to make Spherenoid an exception to my rule.

Spherenoid Lapland Studio Ltd, Spherenoid, 24.4 MB – $0.99

Sw&Ear – Tales of Andaria – First of all, the game has a stupid name.  The “full” name, Sword & Earnings, isn’t much better.  That aside, I’m guessing this is a port of a JavaME game, because the screens have that look about them.  Still, it has a D&D Gold Box look and feel about it, which means it might actually be kind of interesting.  The game is comprised of 52 scenarios over 4 landscapes and promises more than 35 hours of game play.  It’s actually a turn based strategy game which is always nice to see, and you can actually build up your army and carry them through between scenarios.  There are 28 character types and 362 equipable items, which should provide for a whole lot of variety.  If you can get past the silly name and slightly antiquated interface, it sounds like this game has quite a bit to offer.

Sw&Ear - Tales of Andaria Mangobile, Sw&Ear – Tales of Andaria, 2.2 MB – $3.99

That was just 10 of the new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store.  As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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