Flick Golf! In Review – Tiger Woods, eat your golf club!

It’s hard to really imagine anything new in a sports video game. Overall, we have our range of titles from the absolutely arcade-y ones to the die-hard real-life simulations, though the principal generally stays the same. But every once in a while a stroke of genius hits a developer in the head (usually an indie one) and we get a unique perspective on a well-known sport. This time, that resulted in Flick Golf! – truly, golf reinvented!

Flick Golf is an original re-imagining of golf. You could try and think of it as a cross between the shooting range, classic golf and mini-golf. The goal is to get your ball in the hole, as in real golf, but to do so you have only a single shot. Yep, you heard me, a single shot.

The caveat is – you can actually control the ball in flight. I know it sounds a bit strange and almost god-like, but that is the hallmark of Flick Golf. And, of course, to make your job more difficult wind is there to wreak havoc with your flight plan. Finally, to top it off, either the starting point or the target hole actually moves as well between shots (depending on the game mode) so don’t get too comfortable with a single shot.

Flick Golf offers 2 different game modes for your entertainment: Quick Shot and World Tournament. The latter consists of 4 progressively unlocked levels, each offering 9 shots to shoot for a high score. Depending on the final you’ll be awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold trophy, with the Silver a minimum to open up the next level. Strangely enough I wasn’t able to find a combination yet to unlock the fourth tournament map, and to this moment am not sure whether it is a bug or not.

Quick Shot offers a more arcade look at the game, with you given a fixed amount of time instead of a fixed amount of strokes to gain as the highest score possible. To make things more interesting, if you score a Hole-in-one or even a Bull’s eye shot, your timer is extended so theoretically it’s possible to get an infinite score. Theoretically. Oh yeah, in this mode you can unlock 3 maps only.

In such a simple gameplay premise controls are everything. And here Flick Golf excels, embracing the iPhone’s touch capabilities to provide simple and intuitive interface. You basically flick the ball to shoot and while it’s in the air, flick left and right to maneuver it. I did feel the game was too strict when it comes to sending the ball down the hole, as it seems the ball stops right on the edge more often than not. And making a perfect shot (where you sink the ball without it touching the ground at all) is near-impossible to achieve at all. A shadow on the ground, indicating the ball’s current position would be nice to help in this respect.

Speaking of which – visually Flick Golf looks nice. The courses are detailed and distinct, each with its own atmosphere. Nice environmental additions like ruins in Scotland, boats in Miami and lots of water and other stuff do help in spicing up the surrounding areas as well.

Flick Golf! is definitely one of my favourite casual games on the iPhone. The simple gameplay is horribly addictive, and the just-one-more-shot craze makes it near impossible to put down. I would like to see more courses though, since the 7 available (across 2 gameplay modes) become a bit boring after a while. And some tweaks to the physics would be nice as well, with the ball unbelievably sticking right on the edge of the cup far too often for my taste. Regardless, whether you’re a golf fan or just looking for a quick pick-me-up type game, you won’t be disappointed with Flick Golf!

With this I declare Flick Golf! officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Flick Golf! Developer: Full Fat
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 31.14MB
  • Superb concept
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Very very addictive gameplay
  • Only 7 courses
  • Sometimes frustrating physics
  • No multiplayer


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