Freebies Roundup: Brain Challenge HD, iBlast Moki and more Free for limited time

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As part of Game’loft’s Twitter Advent Calendar promotion, Brain Challenge HD is now free for the next 24 hours. With 43 different mini-games and 5 categories to train in (Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus), iPad users will finally find it fun to give their brains a work out. Also free today is iBlast Moki (TMA Review), an original physics puzzle game that ranks right up there with some of the most endearing titles on the App Store.

Once again, there are loads of Freebies in this Roundup, including: Jump O’Clock, Smiles Zen, Duke Nukem 3D and Veggie Samurai HD. Be sure to check out the complete list after the gap.

iBlast Moki

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Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?
iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.

– 85 levels, including several boss levels
– Enjoy the visuals of 7 completely different worlds with their own gameplay mechanics

iBlast Moki Godzilab, iBlast Moki (TMA Review), 19.3 MB – Free

Veggie Samurai HD

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Veggie Samurai is an addictive, pickup-and-play action game that puts you in the heart of all-out veggie carnage. Distinct game modes to choose from, including:

— Samurai Mode – Rely on your instinct and training to avoid poison vials and deliver killing blows to each and every veggie that comes your way.
— Harmony Mode – Use your slicing and dicing skills to achieve the highest score within the time limit. No poison. No Lives. More Action. More Combos.
— Slicing AND Dicing allows you to cut up veggies multiple times (some veggies can be diced a surprising number of times…)

Veggie Samurai HD QuantumSquid, Veggie Samurai HD, 17.7 MB – Free

Mike V: Do or Die – Skateboarding

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From skateboard legend to rock star and movie actor, Mike Vallely is known as a pioneer and innovator in the skateboarding world. Discovered by Stacy Peralta (Z-Boys) and Lance Mountain in the 80s, Mike became the first east coast street skater to emerge on the scene and became an overnight sensation. Mike is also the vocalist for the band, Revolution Mother, and is the host of his own TV show called DRIVE on Fuel TV. Recognized and idolized by skateboard enthusiasts around the world, Mike is proud to present his own iPhone game titled “Mike V: Do or Die”.

Mike V: Do or Die – Skateboarding Ratrod Studio, Mike V: Do or Die – Skateboarding, 163 MB – Fr

Tower Madness

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Evil aliens are coming to turn your beloved sheep into intergalactic scarves! Protect the flock using only quick thinking and the arsenal of upgradeable weaponry at your disposal.

• 3D graphics let you play from an aerial view or zoom down to first person and get close to the action!
• 17 different enemies including the new Ghost Alien!
• 9 standard weapons with 5 or more upgrades each (Plasmatron, Laser Cannon, Railgun, Mortar, Guided Missiles, Flak, ElectroSlow, ElectroShock, and ElectroBoost)
• An ULTIMATE weapon, the Nuke!

TowerMadness™ Limbic Software, TowerMadness™, 15.1 MB – Free

Jump ‘O Clock

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Playing Jump O’Clock can lead to severely extended sessions of gameplay! Take control of the lovable steampunk robot LE0 and jump from gear to gear while avoiding hazards in an endless upward world. Collect bolts to fill your SUPER-JUMP METER, and BOOST the height of your jumps. Timing is crucial to keep from winding up on the wrong side of the razor-sharp teeth, scalding steam, electrified wires or broken pipes. Connect to OpenFeint and compete for the dizzying heights of high-score greatness. If you’ve got time, Jump O’Clock has your challenge – an endless platform adventure which never plays the same twice. Why try and beat a clock when you can JUMP O’CLOCK?

Jump O'Clock Glu, Jump O’Clock (TMA Review), 15.3 MB – Free


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Experience a new kind of addictive puzzle game, with 3 fun game modes, global/friends scores, weekly score challenges, and achievements.

Features :
★Time Attack Mode – connect matching hexagons as fast as possible, until time runs out – the faster you play, the higher the score multiplier goes!
★Level Challenge Mode – collect all the targets to move onto progressively harder levels. The faster you go, the more time is carried over to the next level – find out how far can you go before time runs out!
★Strategy Mode – take your time to work how to get the best score in 30 moves, making the best use of Multiplier bonuses.

Hexius Phasic Labs Ltd., Hexius, 10.6 MB – Free

Smile Zen

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SMILES ZEN is a relaxing strategic puzzle game. It uniquely combines a matching game with a patience game like Solitaire or Mahjongg. Sudoku fans will appreciate the depth and strategy ZEN offers. Make and break matches as you light up the board.

Smiles Zen Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles Zen, 3.5 MB – Free

Duke Nukem 3D

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With dozens of Game of the Year awards under his belt, Duke remains the King of Action. Larger than life action is what Duke is all about, mixed with humor and innovative explosive action in this 20+ hour game.

Duke Nukem 3D MachineWorks, Duke Nukem 3D, 12.3 MB – Free
Duke Nukem 3D SE MachineWorks, Duke Nukem 3D SE (iPad), 14.5 MB – Free

Tiki Totem Premium

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Tiki Totems Premium has every feature from the Tiki Store unlocked. All future updates like new level packs or new features will be available free of charge for premium version owners! Don’t feel like buying packs one after the other? Buy the premium version and get everything for free from now on!

Features over 200 levels and more to come !

Tiki Totems Premium spokko, Tiki Totems Premium, 13.3 MB – Free

Brain Challenge® HD

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Just like your body, your brain needs exercise to stay in shape. Maintaining it simply involves completing small exercises without pain, stress, or boredom. That’s where Brain Challenge™ comes in! It’s like a real vitamin boost for your brain. More than just a game, Brain Challenge is your personal coach and an entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert. With various fun exercises, train your brain whenever and wherever you want on your iPad!

Brain Challenge® HD Gameloft, Brain Challenge® HD, 91.9 MB – Free

Pool Bar – Online Hustle (iPad Only)

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NEW: Online Multiplayer and Game Center!
Online play with voice & text chat, HD graphics, great physics and AI players, and a slick user interface – the ULTIMATE pool experience on iPad.

The fun, pick up and play Pool game, ideal for challenging friends to matches or hone your technique against our quality AI players. Game Center achievements now awarded for stylish play!

Pool Bar - Online Hustle (for iPad) Future Games of London, Pool Bar – Online Hustle (for iPad) – Free


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Play the next generation match-3+ puzzler now!

Lining up bunch of gems has been undeniably fun. But shouldn’t there be more to it than that after years of mind numbing repetition? Enjoy the same addictive match-3+ core play scheme.

BeEarthed BeAMan Games LLC, BeEarthed, 17.8 MB – Free

Flipstones 2

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Flipstones 2 is line-drawing puzzle madness that has you racing to build and destroy stones – it’s actually everything you’ve ever wanted in a game… seriously.

•New! Frenzy mode – this is a race against the clock, so you better hurry!
•New! PlacePlay – our amazing new location-based gaming platform. Post your score wherever you play, earn points and BUY BOOSTS for Frenzy mode! You can even compete against friends and neighbors with local leader boards.
•New! Boosts – earn stars as you play through Challenge mode, then trade in those stars for boosts which help you go faster, freeze time, buy extra wings and make you awesomer than everyone else.
•18 Stages & more than 80 Levels in Challenge Mode.

Flipstones PressOK Entertainment, Flipstones, 12.8 MB – Free


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Rediscover the all-time mobile puzzle-game classic in a shiny new iPhone version !

Scarabeus – Pearl of Nile is an award-winning, bright and creative puzzle game. Maneuver the turning cycles to collect all the colored balls through ancient Egyptian mechanisms, and unlock all the Pearls of the Nile to bring them back to the Pharaoh !


1000: Find ‘Em All!

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Venture through an imaginary world of exploration and collection! ‘1000: Find ‘Em All!’ is a unique adventure game which uses your iPhone’s GPS capabilities to search out over 1000 weird and wonderful items located around you. Collect everything from a half eaten jam sandwich to a monkey with a typewriter. Explore, discover and interact in real-life locations and in a vibrant animated world. Collect all items no matter where you are!

1000: Find 'Em All! Glu, 1000: Find ‘Em All! (TMA Review), 9.4 MB – Free

Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey

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Dear Person Who Wants to Feed Al,

Hi – I’m Al Newton. Al is writing you from my spaceship hoping that you can help me: the thing is Al’s out of food up here and he’s HUNGRY! Don’t worry though, Al doesn’t eat human food, Al eats stars – and your planet seems to have a plethora of them, so Al needs your help collecting as many stars a possible (an Alien’s got to eat!).

Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey PressOK Entertainment, Feed Al: A Finger Physics Odyssey – Free

Blue Hole 3D

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Intense non-stop action as you navigate your submarine to new depths to the bottom of the sea while dodging boulders, deadly fish and marine mines appearing in your path!

Main Features:
– Beautiful full 3D graphic designs and special effects
– Realistic representation of ocean environment that continuously changes as you reach deeper into the bottom of the trench
– Open up more submarines as you reach certain score thresholds
– Variety of deep sea creatures attacks the submarine with distinctive characeristics
– Special items including the turbo booster and the shield
– High quality background music and sound effects
– Clear over 30 missions to earn OpenFeint achievement rewards

Blue Hole 3D Leaders Association, Blue Hole 3D, 25.5 MB – Free

Create Ringtones!

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Are you tired of hearing the same ringtones over and over again? With Create Ringtones! you can create unlimited amount of custom ringtones with ease!

Use your iPod music or Record your own! All of your ringtones will be available in the Manage Ringtone Section of Create Ringtones and also with iTunes File Sharing. Quick. Fast. Beautiful! Create Ringtones! runs on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the 4th Generation iPod Touch

Create Ringtones! App Beast Inc., Create Ringtones!, 5.3 MB – Free

OnTime – Studies

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With OnTime – Studies you always have control of your homework and your timetable!.

OnTime – Studies, is in our opinion the easiest program to create timetables and keep track of your homework.
With very few touches, you can create a plan and can begin to add courses.

** Homework **
– Entering homework and picking a deadline is easy and fast.
– Enter the date and time to automatically get a pop-up reminders.
– If you have a large project or similar you can input your progress in percentages.

** Timetables **
– Create multiple timetables.
– Start, you can choose what week the a course starts from.
– Repetition, you can choose how often a course repeats itself, choose from 0 to 4 weeks.
– Add custom subjects, and rooms.

OnTime - Studies Kaspar Pedersen, OnTime – Studies, 0.9 MB – Free

GoReader (RSS Reader with Google Reader full support)

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With GoReader you can:

GoReader fully syncs all your feeds, news, news states with the most speed. We made the fastest news reader in AppStore ever.

You can read all your RSS news in many types, with many customization and what is more – in the most comfortable way for you. Sync with Google Reader™ allows you to read news even in offline mode.

One of the most important things in news – is managing. You can star and unstar your news, you can keep the news unread for future use and one of the most important you can sync all of that with Google™.

GoReader (RSS Reader with Google Reader™ full support) Light Room, GoReader, 1.9 MB – Free

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