ROCK BAND Reloaded (for iPad) in Review – Tap Tap Tapping on Heaven’s Door

If frantic touching and the occasional guitar riff turn you on, Rock Band Reloaded may have you out of your shorts faster than you can say “Alice in Chains”. The truth is that EA’s ROCK BAND Reloaded is titillating: it’s got frantic action, good music, and a load of well thought-out tweaks that make gaming a pleasure.

Breaking away from a game, or losing connection in the middle of bragging all over Facebook can be rough. There simply is a lot of game to love. You’ve a choice between guitar, bass, drums, and vocals to tap tap tap to, PLUS fun multiplayer options like head to head and band play (Wifi). Before Rock Band, my wife and I would get off with Shrek Kart, and to tell you the truth, Rock Band Reloaded, simple as it may be, is much more polished.

Of course, the addictive concentrated tap-tap-tap of the original (and like a million clones) is perfectly preserved. The notes still come at you from the top of the screen and you still have to hammer them at just the right time. If, like me, you are uncoordinated, you’ll have a devil of a time passing levels, but if, like my wife, you can tap a perfect rhythm till the iPad screen cracks, you’ll get on royally. Me? I get away with some pretty mashed up songs, which is pretty cool. If you miss a strum, a riff, or a beat, the music goes wonky.

This game is fun.

What makes it funner is linking up with mates via wifi (yes, it works), or sharing the iPad between yourselves and bumping heads and scores till only one is left standing.

But what good game is complete without a few, shall we say, oversights? Well, as much as I like this game, I cry to think that small graphical bits go unpolished. Things like the central button showing jagged, un-erased pixels is a small travesty on the big screen. Ditto the inability to mix around the band. I would LOVE to shuffle the players around or even change their clothes. I’d actually prefer a universal binary, but then again, I ain’t no rockstar to whom others acquiesce.

Still, those are small issues in a game that works pretty damn well on the big iPad screen. The only issue that I really have is that unlike the iPhone version, the tap zones are further spread out. That means that it is easier to miss-tap a tune. Combos are also a bit harder. Overall, however, I think it is a challenge that I am happy to meet.

Rockband Reloaded, you are pretty much a spot on title for my second favorite portable device.

App Summary
Title: ROCK BAND Reloaded for iPad Developer: Electronic Arts
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 3.2
Price: $9.99 App Size: 155 MB
  • Great graphics
  • Great gameplay
  • Great multiplayer
  • Some graphical glitches


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