December App Hall of Fame Inductees announced…Drop7’s in the house!

Area/Code's Drop 7

The App Hall of Fame’s December inductees have just been outed and and 9 out of the 12 selections this time are games. One of them is Drop7 (TMA Review), a one of a kind puzzler that’s best described as “Tetris meets Sudoku”. It’s hands down my favorite title on the iDevice and also the only game I actually must play every single day. Yeah, it’s that addictive. In case you’re fanatic as well, my high score for Hardcore mode is 931,751. (and it’s still not good enough for Top 100 worldwide).

Other games that were just inducted include: Peggle, Zen Bound 2 Universal, iBlast Moki and Space Invaders Infinity Gene. The three non-game apps are Boxcar, Skype and Netflix. All in all, these are all worthy selections and ones iOS users should definitely check out. You can find all 12 inductees for each month right here.

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