App Store Promo Codes now Redeemable Worldwide

Some good news for iPhone blogs, developers and more importantly, iOS users – Apple has finally decided to allow those without a US iTunes accounts to redeem App Store promo codes.

Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes in iTunes Connect can now be redeemed by all App Store customers worldwide. Your Team Agent can request 50 codes per version of your app in iTunes Connect and your customers can redeem these codes in any App Store. To learn more about requesting promo codes in iTunes Connect, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Many of you living outside the US know first hand just how bothersome it was not to be able to redeem codes you’ve won from TouchMyApps using your own iTunes account. Well, now you no longer have to go back and forth between 2 different accounts and can keep track of all your app updates with just a single login. Bravo Apple, even if it did take you 2 years to implement this change!

[Mackinado via 9to5mac]

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