The Dispersio saga launches on the App Store

All of you who follow TMA know I’m a sucker for a good point-and-click adventure game and have a special place in my heart for any dev team that creates an original title for the iDevice. Well, my heart just got a little more crowded thanks to the Italian indie team Footprint, who recently released Dispersio: Start ENG and Dispersio Alone Lite ENG. Dispersio is a dark graphical novel/ adventure made in an original comic style. Your aunt is dying and you travel to visit her in the hospital. Once there, however, you are dragged into a mysterious event and wake almost 20 years later, only to find the world around you barren of life.

This is the story that is told in the Dispersio: Start ENG chapter of the saga (available for $0.99), with the game being essentially an interactive comic book with a few choices that do not influence the outcome, but allow you to witness several different sides of the story. Dispersio Alone Lite ENG is a free teaser of the second chapter of the series, where the story starts to pick up a bit and you actually get to wander around and  do some adventuring. The developers promise to release the full version of chapter two soon and update the prologue one with new gameplay and additional content.

I can tell you this is a series I will definitely keep my eyes on. The artstyle is great and the story is definitely off to a nice start.

Dispersio: Start ENG Footprint, Dispersio: Start ENG, 14.11MB – $0.99

Dispersio Alone Lite ENG Footprint, Dispersio Alone Lite ENG, 42.11MB – Free

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