Braveheart in Review – What wouldn’t you do for wealth, power, love… and to save your own skin!

With the horrendous amount of various Action/Shooter titles on the App Store, it is increasingly more difficult to find something that jumps out at you. Sure, there are loads of dual-stick and side/vertical-scrolling shooters, but to find anything truly original you’ll have to dig really deep. The most recent entry by Gaijin Entertainment however, brings a refreshing look on how an action title could be done on the iDevice in Braveheart.

Braveheart is an original Survival Action/Shooter game. After an accident involving the king’s lovely daughter, an unwieldy knight by the name of Richard is put before a difficult decision. Either face probable death in an attempt to retrieve the fabled Holy Grail from the clutches of the Great Dragon or certain death for offending the royal family’s honour. And the former has the gorgeous princess’s hand in marriage as bonus too. Not much of a choice, eh?

With such a lovely premise portrayed by nicely done comic-style interludes, the gameplay doesn’t come as much of shock. You’ll have to guide Richard across levels split into 5 environments to survive against multiple waves of enemies. Each level usually has from 2 to 5 waves, with each area usually ending with a boss. In a refreshing move in your fight against the hordes of baddies, you can finally go on a melee rampage with your trusty flail. With a swirl of a finger you can send your alter ego in a frenzy, swinging his flail around him. And for the more conventional player there is the trusty crossbow and 4 rechargeable skills. Also you’ll be sure to appreciate the additional Hunt mode, allowing you to go on a tangent and massacre the poor critters in return for more loot and experience.

Also more unusual than not for such a title, Braveheart boasts extensive customization opportunitites. To start off you have several base parameters, which you can raise on each level-up. Additionally you can use the gold earned on the battlefield to buy upgraded and new weapons, potions, skills and perks. The latter are quite an interesting concept; they are made available in-game as you exterminate the opposition, but are reset after the battle ends. And finally there are the various powerups, giving you a temporary edge against the enemies.

Visually Braveheart looks quite impressive. Without all of that fancy 3D, the developers have been able to really focus and draw a detailed and atmospheric picture of the environment. Sadly this had the adverse effect of no support for the Retina display, but you’ll find yourself hard pressed to complain once you get it running. The interface is also a refreshing change from the traditional dual-stick action. There are several control schemes, but I prefer the full-touch mode, where a single tap sends my protégé to the spot I touch, a hold and tap shoots the crossbow and the circular motion activating the melee weapon.

In the land of traditional Action/Shooters, Braveheart stands tall and proud, boasting refreshing controls, extensive character customization options and superb graphics. The gameplay is so horribly addictive that you’ll barely notice the lack of support for the Retina display. And the full GameCenter and Openfeint support means you’ll be able to show off your achievements to your friends. The only real risk is once you get the game you won’t have time for much else.

With this I declare Braveheart officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Braveheart Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 26.05MB
  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Extensive character customization opportunities
  • Nice graphics
  • Superb full-touch controls
  • No Retina support
  • No multiplayer


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