Take a Virtual Tour of US Restaurants with Eats! for the iDevice

Not sure if that fancy looking resto in SoHo is worth your time and money? Spare yourself the hassle of looking in and walking out with EveryScape Eats!, an interesting new app for the iPhone and iPad which guides its hungry users in the Seattle, San Francisco and SoHo areas.

Eats does it differently by letting you take a virtual tour inside the restaurant, allowing you to ‘walk around’ and explore the interior. If you’re dining on a whim or a budget, there are filters the restaurants by price, location or rating.

The technology behind the app transforms photo stills into 3D, user-cotrolled tours. The social sharing function allows the user to post feedback and comments on the restaurant, invaluable when trading information with friends. In addition, business owners benefit from the new avenue of interaction with their patrons.

Expect more locations to be added in the coming months, and interestingly, a possible update to Google’s Streetview which is reported to be exploring similar terrain. Oh yeah, the apps are Free!

EveryScape Eats!, SoHo Edition EveryScape Eats!, SoHo Edition, 3.4 MB – Free
EveryScape Eats!, Seattle Edition EveryScape Eats!, Seattle Edition, 4.9 MB – Free
EveryScape Eats!, San Francisco Edition EveryScape Eats!, San Francisco Edition, 4.4 MB – Free
EveryScape Eats!, Boston Edition EveryScape Eats!, Boston Edition, 10.6 MB – Free

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