Reckless Racing in Review – Never knew redneck racing could look so good…

There are many types of racing games (as detailed by shigzeo’s The App Store’s Best Racing game article) – some more hardcore and realistic, while others for more casual and leisurely gaming. Regardless, it’s difficult to argue that the iDevice is perfect for racing games as a whole – thanks to the built-in accelerometer and the portability. Heck, companies are even designing special steering wheels for the iDevice (like this one). But using such a gadget with the quintessence of arcade dirt racing in Reckless Racing would probably not be a good idea…

Reckless Racing is a casual top-down racing game, obviously influenced by such classics as Ignition or Rush Hour. It is set in a distinct redneck atmosphere of country backyard dirt racing, with such archetype characters as the simpleminded Otis driving a 4×4 or hard-working Floyd in his trusty tractor truck.

Reckless Racing offers 3 solo play modes as well as a full-featured 4-player online multiplayer mode. In single player you can choose from either the classic racing against 3 AI opponents, doing so against the clock, with a stylish ghost image of your car representing the best lap and the original delivery mode. The first two modes provide you 5 tracks to choose from with an additional 5 made by reversing the direction on the original ones. The latter features a single map with several hot spots where you have to pick up cargo and deliver it to a different spot, all the while avoiding traffic and performing the task within an overall time limit.

The racing experience itself is offered in 2 flavours – the simplified beginner mode, with the skidding down to a minimum and much better overall control – to the advanced mode, where all bets are off and you’ll spend 90% of the time trying to get your vehicle back under control. And once you’re confident you can handle yourself, feel free to fire up the online multiplayer. I haven’t tried it over 3G, but over Wi-Fi it works like a charm, with little to no lag in displaying your opponents.

Graphically Reckless Racing is truly stunning. The scenery is rich with buildings, trees, streams and lakes, portrayed with almost photorealistic quality. I’ve often found myself feeling like I was looking over real (albeit miniature) cars from up above, racing across the countryside. The in-game music completely jives with the overall look ‘n feel of the game and it definitely adds to the overall experience. A special mention goes to the controls; regardless of your tastes you’ll find an option to suit them – from the iPhone racing hallmark – the accelerometer, to the arcade cabinet analogue wheel to the simplified tank controls with auto gas.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of racing games or not, Reckless Racing is one title you simply have to pick up (especially at its current price of $0.99). The incredibly fun gameplay is brought to new heights with the stunning visuals, making it the perfect racing experience. The only real downer is the limited number of levels available, along with the absence of any kind of campaign mode or unlockable vehicles. But the superb online multiplayer mode more than makes up for that.

With this I declare Reckless Racing officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Reckless Racing Developer: Electronic Arts
Reviewed Ver: 1.1.5 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 39.32MB
  • Stunning realistic graphics
  • Incredibly fun racing experience
  • Lots of control schemes
  • Online multiplayer
  • Limited amount of tracks and cars
  • No GameCenter support
  • No Gyroscope support


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