Revolt in Review – Robots vs The Resistance… Where have I seen this before?

It’s amazing how little we think of the technology around us and how much we’ve learned to rely upon it. All those huge automated production lines and supercomputers, which essentially make the parts required to be built by themselves with little or no ultimate intervention by a human being. No wonder the vision of the future, ruled by an elite few commanding such technology is a popular theme in Science-Fiction. And of course there are always those who oppose them! Viva la Resistance in Revolt!

Revolt is a classic dual-stick shooter in almost every sense. The Mayan’s turned out to be right and the world ended in 2012 with the sun being completely blocked and people vaporized on the spot. Only a fraction of the population survived to fight for the remaining resources. But a new threat hung over mankind in the form of the mysterious Enlightened ones, commanding advanced knowledge and hordes of robots, who emerged from underground vaults and established a new world order. Almost 70 years later the only humans left are either slaves or the hunted. But still, human survival instincts prevail and a small organized resistance, hiding in the outskirts of civilization is formed. And you, a recently recruited young technician, are the only one who can save mankind by destroying the system from within.

In terms of gameplay Revolt is a bit different to other dual-stick shooters. Instead of focusing exclusively on destroying as many enemies as possible, the goal in each level (except the last one of course) is to reach its end and survive. The levels themselves are more akin to a maze than the general open-world map common to many dual-stick shooters out there. An interesting move is the ability to destroy almost anything on the level, usually with an additional bang, which is a nice way of getting those critters hiding behind barrels. I’ve found it useful on many occasions, though it did backfire a few times as well, with massive enemy fire vaporizing my shelter. One thing I don’t find particularly useful is the dodge option, propelling you sideways and evading enemy fire while rolling.

If you’re bored by the widely accepted model of just using the weapons you come by, you’ll be glad to know that Revolt follows a different model. Enemies leave medkits (very rarely), grenades, ammo and most importantly – money. This you can use after each level to buy new weapons, upgrade existing ones or buy some more ammo. Yep, all weapons save for one have a limited supply and you can easily find yourself stuck with the weak basic pistol half-way through a level. The weapons include a blaster, rifle, chaingun, rocket launcher and grenades, with some interesting peculiarities, like the ability of grenades to be thrown over obstacles or the chaingun to be fired only from the spot you’re standing.

Visually Revolt boasts top-notch graphics with full Retina support. The levels are richly lit and overall the environment looks very nice. That said, the devs have warned that “There may be some lag on later levels for 2G-3G users”. Meaning unless you’re the owner of the latest iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G, be prepared for jitter as you progress deeper into the game. The sound is up to par, though why the intro is exclusively audio-only with no subtitles whatsoever is beyond me.

Revolt is a solid dual-stick shooter that will probably appeal to the more experienced audience. The story levels are huge and it’s easy to get lost in them, but if you don’t mind a little backtracking along the way, this shouldn’t be an issue. The customization opportunities are quite nice, giving the player more control over your character that is common for the genre. On the other hand there are only 8 enemy types and 5 weapons, which isn’t too much to be proud of. The developers are promising more in future updates, so we can only hope they will fulfill their promise.

With this I declare Revolt officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Revolt Developer: Kristopher Peterson and Jaap Kreijkamp
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 79.95MB
  • You can destroy almost anything on each level
  • Rich visual effects
  • Nice character customization opportunities
  • Survival mode with randomly generated levels
  • Easy to get lost on huge levels
  • Gameplay is a bit boring after a while
  • The graphics detail doesn’t warrant the overly strict hardware requirements
  • Useless dodge feature
  • Really weak storyline


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