Freebies Roundup – Thanksgiving Edition [Updated]

Black Friday is here and you know what that means – TMA’s Freebies Roundup! Lots of quality apps and games are have gone Paid–>Free for the Thanksgiving Weekend and we’ve hand picked the most notable Freebies. Ash, a turn-based RPG that was designed from the ground up for the iPhone, is one of the better RPGs to come along in awhile for the iDevice and it should excite fans of the genre from the 16 bit SNES days. Other fun freebies include Babylonian Twins, Smiles Drop and Depict, an online multiplayer pictionary game you can play with friends and family over the holiday weekend.

As usual, the entire roundup can be found after the gap. But do hurry though as most will only be free for a very limited time! Happy Thanksgiving!


Updated Nov 27th

Death Cop – Mechanical Unit

iPhone Screenshot 3

– 3 Mechs with different features.
– 16 missions in different locations combining three playing modes.
– 11 powerful weapons: UZI, magnum, grenade launcher, sniper, machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, missile launcher, electric cannon and saw.
– Amazing 3D graphics depicting very different locations.

DEATH COP - Mechanical Unit DEATH COP – Mechanical Unit (TMA Review) – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

“You can’t catch me! I’m Ginger Brave!”

A deliciously colorful and tricky game! Ginger Brave’s mad dash for freedom has begun! How far can you take this gingerbread man?

OvenBreak-Infinity DevSisters, OvenBreak-Infinity, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to control it. Touch anywhere higher with another finger (use multi-touch) to release a ball, launch a rocket or shoot with plasma gun.

Jet Ball codefreeze, Jet Ball (TMA Review), – Free

English BigDict

iPhone Screenshot 2

English explanatory dictionary.
* 220 000 keywords and phrases
* most frequent entry words translated into 200 languages
* 20 000 audio pronunciations
* hyperlinks between entries
* 600 000 meaning explanations and usage examples, notes on spelling, grammar, word origin, and style
* No Internet connection required

English BigDict Brentwick, English BigDict, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Designed exclusively for the iPhone, Ash is a classic turn-based RPG, featuring an all-new, intuitive touch-based interface, a massive, fully-realized world with lush visuals licensed from Enterbrain, and a wonderfully compelling story.

Ash SRRN Games, Ash – Free

Babylonian Twins – Escape

iPhone Screenshot 3

Think The Prince of Persia meets The Lost Vikings with a twist: you control two characters, the twin princes of Babylonian, one at a time and each with different skills, to solve challenging puzzles in a fast-paced tag-team collaborative play in a unique historic experience derived from history texts.

✔ 5 unique worlds to explore including the Tower of Babylon, The Assyrian Place and the Hanging Gardens.
✔ Over a dozen large & challenging levels
✔ Over half a dozen original traditional Iraqi music

Babylonian Twins - Escape Cosmos Interactive, Babylonian Twins – Escape, – Free

Aqua Moto Racing

iPhone Screenshot 1

Aqua Moto Racing offers racing with an unprecedented sense of speed on the platform. With state of the art handling and graphics this game truly puts your Jet Ski riding skills to the ultimate test. Race in the beautifully rendered American locations; Emerald Bay, Everglades and Long Beach Port. Start off with participating in a Championship for beginners. Perform stunts and keep a tight line around the buoys to power your boost. Collect medals in the Time Trial mode by beating set target times. Register a profile and compare your race results with friends all over the world.

Aqua Moto Racing Resolution, Aqua Moto Racing (TMA Review), – Free

Super Blast

iPhone Screenshot 5

Super Blast is an action-packed fun arcade shooter with super easy game control.

You are playing with a trigger-happy robot, who is cleaning up the universe from creepy monsters. Beware, don’t let any monsters pass you! Collect a variety of weapons on your flight through the Galaxy. Newer and better weapons will make your job a little easier.

Super Blast Phantoom Entertainment, Super Blast, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

Slash Master will give you best action you’ve never seen!!
– Stylish action
– Easy control you play batter
– Various A.I pattern, brand new boss monsters
– Upgrade your combo and kill the monster

SlashMaster Zoobox, SlashMaster, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 4

Racer is a simple, fun and addictive racing game where you extremely drive your car through the highway traffic. If you want to get adrenaline and check your reaction or want to drive as you can never do on a real highway, Racer is your choice.

Rules are very simple: put your finger on the car and drive through the traffic. Extreme and fast driving will speed up your score. There are 4 game modes you can choose to play. “Normal” and “Hard” are classic dodging games and “Slalom” add the ability to collect the stars for additional scores.

Racer Tatem Games, Racer, – Free

Space Rush – Tappi Bear

iPhone Screenshot 1

Tappi Bear, prepare your ejector and jump into the meteorite space!
Yes Sir!!

How far can you reach?
How many donuts can you get?
Dodge the crazy meteorite shower and your Tappi friends,
start off your great space adventure!

Space Rush - Tappi Bear Taplay, Space Rush – Tappi Bear, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Depict is an online multiplayer pictionary game you can play with friends and strangers from around the world!
Whether you play solo, with strangers, or with friends in the same room, Depict will keep you entertained for hours.

Depict is the ultimate multiplayer charades game. It features multiple choice answers and short games, making Depict’s gameplay fast and fun for the drawer and guessers. Each game consists of only 5 rounds, so it’s easy to jump in and play at any time.

Depict Makeshift Games, Depict, – Free

Doodle Games 9-in-1

iPhone Screenshot 2

Doodle Games is an application with highly addictive 9 different mini games. With the various mini games and characters, enjoy competing with others and collecting items!

Various Minigames and Hillarious Characters will be welcoming you in the Doodle Games! Compete with other Cartoon Star users all over the World and collect all items and characters.

Doodle Games 9 in 1 Nate Games, Doodle Games 9 in 1, – Free

Smiles Drop

iPhone Screenshot 1

SMILES DROP is an unconventional action puzzle game. Unlike many similar games, you don’t have to wait to make your next move. In addition, you’re not pressured in to making moves either. Play at your own pace. Make matches, break ice, rocks, twist and turn your way to higher scores.

* 10 different game modes (Drop+, Avalanche, Hard, Long Play, Six)
* 3 colorful themes
* Use GRAVITY to break Rocks and Ice

Smiles Drop Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles Drop, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

One of the most popular games on Facebook® is now available for iPhone® and iPod Touch®.

Discover the exciting world of Plock featuring colorful blocks and special items.
Break the blocks by matching two or more of the same color, or by exploding the bombs earned during the match.

Plock MetroGames, Plock, – Free

Ruberth’s Kick n’ Fly

iPhone Screenshot 1

WHAT ON EARTH are Santa’s little helpers up to after they have quit the workshop?

Playing a game of KICK AWAY CATAPULT, of course! Aim and launch hilariously laughing helpers through the snowy landscapes and fill up their pockets with sparkling knick knacks. Use bouncy mushrooms to reach new areas, but avoid dangers such as bottomless wells and frosty snowmen that makes your nose freeze.

Ruberth's Kick n' Fly Donut Games, Ruberth’s Kick n’ Fly, – Free

Great Tank War

iPhone Screenshot 1

Great Tank War puts the future of the free world in your hands with awesome firepower, stunning 3D graphics and ultra-realistic game play.
Great Tank War pits the formidable U.S. Sherman tanks against the notorious German Tiger tanks and other historically accurate armored vehicles. Blast your way through countless, challenging battles, using Great Tank Wars’ intuitive controls, your wits and an array of powerful weaponry.
Upgrade your tank’s armor to withstand the punishing enemy attacks. Unlock your tank’s 5 weapon types—AFV 75mm cannon, Pounder Firefly, Flamethrower, Calliope and 105MM howitzer—to wreak havoc on enemy forces.

Great Tank War Nate Games, Great Tank War, – Free

Lambi Islands

iPhone Screenshot 2

Lambi Islands is home to the exceptionally short sighted and incredibly fragile Lambi’s, these poor water based creatures have mistakenly found their way onto land through abandoned pipes and need your help to direct them back to safety.

The problem is they are so delicate that if they touch anything they explode! Place directional tiles onto the ground to guide them around the nasty sharp objects lying around. But be quick because once they start appearing its going to get mad crazy!

Lambi Islands Orange UK, Lambi Islands, – Free

Dino Cap

iPhone Screenshot 2

prehistoric lizards are tearing the city apart. time to lock & load.
grab an UZI. an AK-47. an M-16. a DESERT EAGLE. a ROCKET LAUNCHER. a LASER GUN. a FLAMETHROWER. and there’s more…

Dino Cap Trinity Interactive, Dino Cap, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

Super Twario is a whole new way of experiencing Twitter. Jump back to the heyday of retro platform games and then drag them into a future of 140 character conversations and a hundred billion friends, followers and stalkers and you start to understand what Super Twario can do to your twext life.

Tilt to move Twario around a world built from your Twitter feed and leap around to interact with Avatars and fill your Tweets with a lot more fun. Tweet, Reply, Retweet – all that is taken care of within Tweet World.

Super Twario Head First, Super Twario, – Free

Babel Rising

iPhone Screenshot 1

Babel Rising is an action puzzle game offering hours of gameplay. The challenge is simple: unleash your powers to prevent the humans from building the tower.”
“You have six devastating powers at your disposal, including the thunderbolt, the typhoon and earthquake!
From the simplest to the most powerful, master them, use them one after the other and combine them to increase their impact.
Divine power is at your fingertips: sweep the screen from top to bottom and left to right with one finger or more to unleash your wrath.”

BABEL Rising Bulkypix, BABEL Rising, – Free

Card Drop

iPhone Screenshot 1

Card Drop turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a stimulating and addictive game machine. It’s really easy to figure out what you have to do but challenging enough that you will never want to stop playing. Card drop is the new millennium version of solitaire, but don’t worry – it is definitely NOT your grandmother’s card game. This app is a souped up version of that old classic–solitaire on steroids!

***How to play***
Cards drop from the top of the screen in columns. As they fall, you must move cards from your hand at the bottom of the screen to stack them on the appropriate falling card before it disappears, sinking out of sight at the bottom.

Card Drop Kuyi Mobile, Card Drop, – Free

Doodle Food Expedition

iPhone Screenshot 3

The Doodle war is on! You need to cleverly command your artillery to fire the cannon and send food packets to people trapped on the other side of the war zone!

Doodle Food Expedition features innovative and exciting mission levels to challenge you each and every time. Each mission has an ingenious combination of allies and obstacles, right from moving walls to teleporters.

Play tactfully and unlock new missions. Match your score against the designer’s score and constantly improvise all game stages.

Doodle Food Expedition Hadron Solutions, Doodle Food Expedition, – Free

Grandpar Golf

iPhone Screenshot 3

Play this full featured 3D golf game and find yourself getting younger and younger!!

GrandPar Golf is a fantastic full golf game in 3D graphics. In GrandPar Golf, collect potions and level-up your character as you play on a 3 dimensional golf course. Choose from 5 different elderly characters, customize them with various items that provide different golf skills and even rejuvenate them by collecting potions.

GrandPar GolfGrandPar Golf, – Free

Field Goal Frenzy Football

iPhone Screenshot 3

With FIELD GOAL FRENZY, you kick from different distances to the goal post under changing wind directions and varying wind speeds. In Practice mode, test your skill at making field goals from 30 to 70 yards out. In Classic Mode, the pressure’s on to make every kick count. If you miss more than five, it’s back to the sideline! In Arcade Mode, kick from the 45 yard line in a timed challenge. Hit the Bonus target between the uprights and rack up even more points. Once the ball is kicked, tilt left and right to influence its flight through the uprights, and listen to the crowd roar.

Field Goal Frenzy™ Football Skyworks, Field Goal Frenzy™ Football, – Free

Dice Tower

iPhone Screenshot 2

Dice Tower is a simple game of strategy and luck. You need to build towers of dice by matching the two dice on the floor below.

Dice Tower provides hours of game-play, challenging tower building and great replay value.

Dice Tower ArianeSoft, Dice Tower, – Free


iPhone Screenshot 2

BlockRush is an amazingly addictive game aimed at all ages and gaming levels.

The higher your score the faster the game becomes. Simply tap groups of monsters (blocks) which are the same colour. Find special bonuses and power ups to make the game much more fun. The game includes a full tutorial, vivid iPhone 4 ready graphics and crisp sounds effects.

blockrush Jamie Chapman, blockrush, – Free


Family Doctor – Symptoms and Diagnosis

iPhone Screenshot 1

The 150 easy-to-follow symptom charts in this app will help you determine the importance of your symptom: whether it is a minor disease that can be treated with self-measures or something more serious requiring an immediate doctor’s interference. Each chart deals with a particular minor illness such as chest pain or hearing problems. You just answer yes/no questions simulating ones a doctor can ask to get to the heart of the problem and take the required steps. Chart-finder facilitates the search of the most appropriate chart for a particular symptom.

Family Doctor - Symptoms and Diagnosis Family Doctor – Symptoms and Diagnosis, – Free

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Factbook (iPad Only)

iPad Screenshot 1

Concise Encyclopedia of Surprising Facts at Hand! Discover the world around you with simple and educational app that collects amazing and fun facts about all the most interesting things of our planet.

Geo Walk is a concise, easy-to-use and information packed encyclopedia for iPhone/iPod Touch that contains only the most interesting and valuable information about our multifaceted world. It suits both adults and children curious about far away places, great people, and the most amazing living creatures. Geo Walk can become a convenient companion for inveterate travelers who are always on the go.

Geo Walk HD - 3D World Factbook Geo Walk HD – 3D World Factbook, – Free

PDF HD – fast PDF reader with Highlight and search (iPad)

iPad Screenshot 1

Read PDF documents, books and magazines like paper ones and even better. PDF HD lets you read large PDF files, highlight and bookmark favorite passages, navigate through links and table of contents, search phrases and copy & paste text.

PDF HD - fast PDF reader with highlight and search Readdle, PDF HD – fast PDF reader with highlight and search – Free

Trip Journal

iPhone Screenshot 1

Trip Journal is the #1 Google Awarded Travel Application with the best trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing features currently available for iPhone.

Trip Journal allows you to document vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Impress everybody with real time updates from the visited destinations and let people see proof of your latest adventures, as your journey unfolds.

Trip Journal iQapps, Trip Journal, – Free

Movies Now HD

iPhone Screenshot 1

** The ultimate moviegoer’s app is finally here! **


Movies Now HD AppsPark, Movies Now HD, – Free

Alien Booth

iPhone Screenshot 1

Alien Booth makes it easy and fun to transform pictures of your friends, family, pets and coworkers into amazing aliens. Share your creations on Facebook, Twitter and Email! Use as your AVATAR pic on your favorite social sites!

Fun interface: Fingerprint scan required to access controls, animated laser image scanner, sound effects, help screen and more!

Alien Booth rocket5 Studios, Alien Booth, – Free

Camera Prime (with Geotagging)

iPhone Screenshot 1

**The FIRST and ONLY camera app with official GEOTAGGING for photos AND videos**

Introducing Camera Prime, THE all-in-one camera app! Camera Prime will help you take the best possible photos by offering you its many useful features! These features include:
GEOTAGGING (iOS 4.1+ only): Camera Prime can embed location information in your photos/videos, just like the default camera app! That means you can see where your photos/videos were taken when uploading them to Flickr, viewing them in iPhoto, viewing them in the Photos app “Places” tab, etc.

Camera Prime (with Geotagging) testut tech, Camera Prime (with Geotagging), – Free


iPhone Screenshot 1

Drums! is a universal application that runs on all iOS devices (iOS 3.0 or higher) including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone and an iPad then Drums! will run on both devices with no extra cost charged for an iPad version. We give you that as standard.

This Drum App is packed with a wide-range of features that make the most of Apple’s latest devices, including support for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and iOS 4.2.

Drums! iFantastic, Drums!, – Free

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