HiFutureSelf In Review – The Future Is Now…Going To Remind Us Of Something

Todo apps are great. They can help you stay on top of all the things that need getting done and as far as your iDevice goes, there are thankfully plenty of options available. One “problem” however, is that most of them are very much “list” based. There are times when you just want to keep things simple, like when all you need is a reminder for something – this is where HiFutureSelf comes into play.

For me, most of my ” Todo’s” lately are individual things. Not so much a list of items, it’s more like miscellaneous stuff: “pick up milk”, “hit the gym”, or “pick up the dry cleaning”. Now a regular Todo list type app would most certainly do the job, but at the same time it can be a bit overkill. dBelement’s HiFutureSelf app on the other hand, won’t over complicate things and it can just be as useful. The app helps keep track of all your individual items you need to remember and it’ll then message you the reminder (thanks to handy push notifications) at the date/time you specify.

To add an item, simply launch the app and you’ll immediately be able to enter your reminder text, along with the title. Tap the “edit time” bar and select exactly when you’d like it to be sent. That’s it. Now the app is free, and it’s completely functional as a reminder app. However, if you decide to upgrade for $0.99, you get additional features – the option to delete all messages at once, set up/edit recurring messages and soon, the ability to view all messages that have ever sent. As small as these added features may seem, they do come in handy if you plan on using the app regularly. Not to mention that if you need to be reminded of a particular task on a regular basis (say every week), the dollar upgrade is well worth it.

I actually now find myself using the app to remind me about everything from daily workouts to laundry, even birthdays. It’s nice to know that I have a backup that will send me a reminder before it’s too late.

Design wise it’s pretty simple and it works. Soft colors mixed with white backgrounds keep the app nice looking and not too busy. Focus is paid on the area needing your attention and while some may find it bland, I really like it.

HiFutureSelf works as advertised and it does its job well. Entering messages and setting its reminder time is easy and swift. More importantly, the push notifications are timely and reliable. If you’re one to find that many of the todo apps are too complicated to use and have way more features than you actually need, be sure to give this free app a spin. You can then decide later if upgrading to the Pro version via in-app purchase is the way to go.

App Summary
Title: HiFutureSelf ~ Send messages & reminders to your future self Developer: dBelement, LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.4.4 Min OS Req:
Price: Free App Size: 0.41MB
  • Easy to use
  • Clean/minimal design
  • Free to use (with ads)
  • “Pro” upgrade could use more features/options/added value


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