Talking Gremlin Hits The AppStore – Animals Run Scared

London, United Kingdom – FIPLAB Ltd, the studio behind the No. 1 app for the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme, London Cycle: Maps & Routes, has launched their brand new interactive entertainment app, Talking Gremlin, which can now be downloaded for free for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is set to go head-to-head with Outfit 7’s Talking Friends collection, most notably, Talking Tom Cat.

Known for their high quality applications, FIPLAB has spared no expense when it comes to Talking Gremlin. It has high-resolution retina graphics and an array of ultra smooth animations that puts it head and shoulders above anything currently on the market.

The app contains incredible graphics and is packed with plenty of hilarious animations, which are sure to prove entertaining for just about anyone. By making use of the microphone and touch screen on their iDevices, users can interact with the Talking Gremlin by not only making him repeat words in his amazing little voice, but also through various touch gestures that will cause him to laugh, cry, growl and much more.

The app features an extraterrestrial gremlin that goes by the name of Fanthorp Icarus Parsec, but prefers being called ‘Little Fip’. He has been sent to Earth on a research mission by his granddad, who is currently running for President of the New Galactic Order.

Fip has been tasked with finding out if it’s possible to achieve global acclaim by repeating what people want to hear. From past visits to Earth, his granddad has noticed that our political leaders simply tell people what they want to hear, but then proceed to do the exact opposite. Fip’s granddad loves this strategy and hopes that it will help him to sway voters in his favour during his electoral campaign.

Though Fip may be small, he packs quite a punch, and any physical abuse will force him to fight back, and he won’t hesitate to taunt you with his muscular strength. He’ll also win your hearts with his tears and go to sleep right before your face if you ignore him. However, if you truly annoy him, he will be forced to do something that users certainly won’t expect from a little guy like him!

Most importantly, your interactions with Fip can be recorded and then shared directly with friends and family via Facebook, YouTube and email. Talking Gremlin is the perfect app for entertaining users regardless of their age and gender. Despite being a free app, it has set a new gold standard for all iPhone & iPad apps of its type.

What Fip can do:
* Repeat what you say, but in his awesome voice
* Laugh when you rub and tickle him
* Wave at you
* Taunt you with his muscular strength
* Take any physical abuse you throw at him – but be easy, he is a tough little guy and WILL fight back
* Fall asleep right before your face if you ignore him
* Cry when he gets hurt – he’s tough but has feelings too, you know
* Be forced to do something you may not like if you annoy him too much
* And many more for you to discover!

Notes and Requirements:
iPod touch owners may have to put in earphones that have a microphone attached, otherwise the Gremlin won’t be able to hear what you say. Animation smoothness will depend on the age of your device. 1st Gen device owners will get lower framerate.

Talking Gremlin 1.0
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FIPLAB is based in London and was founded in February 2009 by two recent graduates from the London School of Economics and King’s College London. The company focuses on creating highly polished and practical apps that stand out from the crowd. Copyright (C) 2010 FIPLAB Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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