GestureMatic: Sketch and go! – Assign iPhone tasks with personal gestures

With over 250,000+ strong on the App Store, it’s always fun trying to find neat and potentially useful apps from the pile of never ending new releases. Two recent ones I’ve discovered that fit the bill are: AppSwitch (TMA Review) and GestureMatic: Sketch and go! by handform. With GestureMatic, you can easily create custom shapes on the screen, which can then be used to assign an action to perform various functions. With one (or more) strokes, the app can open websites, send emails (with optional fields all pre-filled) and SMSes, make calls, look up predefined addresses on Google Maps and much more.

The gesture recognition is surprisingly good. I never had any issues with the app not recognizing my symbols. Then again, mine are fairly simple, which is advisable anyway for fast input speeds. If the gesture you map out is quite similar to any assigned actions, the app will display all the available options. Personally, I love using GestureMatic to make long distance calls on Skype. All I need to do now is draw the number “2” symbol with the app and Skype will automatically open, instantly calling my buddy in the West Coast. And if there is a contact you need to email/sms often and the message is basically the same each time, a stroke or two with the app and it’s pretty much done.

The best part is that GestureMatic is free to download and comes with 5 available assignable actions. If you try it and find it handy, you can make an in-app purchase of $0.99, which will then give you unlimited gestures. Even with just the 5 free slots, you can use it to perform your favorite tasks on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (yep, it’s a universal app).

Be sure to take a gander at the video below – it’ll give you a run through of the app’s basic functions.

GestureMatic: Sketch and go! handform, GestureMatic: Sketch and go! – Free

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