17 year old teen makes $130,000 selling White iPhone 4 kits

Remember when we told you about the White iPhone 4 DIY kits that could be purchased online from a few months back? Well according to the New York Observer, 17 year old high school senior from Queens (Fei Lam) has raked in about $130,000 during the past 6 months selling these parts from his site WhiteiPhone4Now. Apparently, the youngster had a contact at Apple’s supplier Foxconn, and through a prearranged deal, these kits were being shipped directly to buyers who couldn’t wait for Apple to finally release the official White model.

Despite his early success selling the conversion kits (which go for $239 for the full kit), it appears though that his good fortune could soon come to an end, thanks to a threatening letter from a mysterious individual:

“I got an email from a private investigator accusing me of selling stolen goods, which I’m 100 percent sure is not the case. They are some kind of anti-counterfeit/trademark firm, which sounds ridiculous, similar to what Apple is bringing up to remove White iPhone 4 Listings on eBay. I don’t know how this legal stuff works.

There are a couple of other sellers online and somehow I’m the ‘focus’ of it all. I think this guy is just trying to scare me into stop selling on behalf of Apple.”

No confirmation on who this private dick is, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if Steve Jobs and his band of lawyers are behind the written warning. Perhaps nothing will come of it, but if Jobs is able to put an end to this White DIY kits business, you may want to consider buying yours now before it’s too late (assuming you still want a shiny white one and are ballsy enough to crack open your iPhone, not to mention voiding your warranty).

[New York Observer via 9to5Mac]
  • Tristan Thomas

    I think apple has been cracking down on these guys because they are finally ready to release the white iPhone and for Verizon!!!You can check out the pics of the white iphone for verizon at goo.gl/pGS94

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