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Vancouver, British Columbia – a leading publisher of mobile learning applications, has announced the release of Appraisal Skills and Assertiveness through the publisher’s innovative new Combobook educational platform. Optimized for self-education via Combobook’s unique study content generation functionalities, Appraisal Skills is geared towards teaching professionals how to effectively assess the work relationships within their businesses while Assertiveness outlines the proper ways to communicate clearly within the workplace. These courses are aimed at helping businesses function more effectively and become more productive as a result. Assertiveness and Appraisal Skills are both currently available for purchase through the Apple App Store.

The first of two Combobook enabled courses simultaneously released by ComboApp is Appraisal Skills. This course is structured to give engaged managers a practical definition of appraisal as it relates to the workplace and subsequently outlines how one may acquire the necessary skills to carry out practical appraisal techniques. Meanwhile, the second course – Assertiveness – is designed to give engaged professionals a practical outline of the factors and nuances that are necessary to understand in order to exemplify positively assertive behavior in the workplace.

Both of these courses are geared towards helping business professionals create more productive working environments with clear channels of communication and less employee tension. To achieve this end Appraisal Skills focuses on providing managers with the tools to effectively motivate their workplace and encourage their employees. On the other hand, Assertiveness aims to help professionals on an individual level, teaching them how to assert themselves as a component within their business without acting overtly aggressive or needlessly passive. Both courses’ educational materials emphasize learning via specific concepts based around modern business environments, ensuring that they maintain their relevancy and efficacy when utilized by professionals when involved in real-word situations as well.

As a whole, Combobook – the educational platform that powers both of thee courses – represents a revolutionary step forward in the sphere of mobile self-study education solutions. This system utilizes innovative new methods to analyze any authored content and use it as a base to generate interactive study tools at the user’s direction and discretion. This process is ultimately able to transform any content into an engaging and interactive experience that is suitable for self-educational purposes. With the release of the Appraisal Skills as well as Assertiveness through Combobook, ComboApp hopes to both expand the reach of this new educational platform and further cement its place at the forefront of the mobile education industry.

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