Griffin introduces the PowerDock Duel and AirCurve Play for your iDevices

PowerDock Dual

Started in 1992, Griffin Technology has grown to become one of the largest providers of accessories for your digital media. With their latest releases of the PowerDock Duel and AirCurve Play they continue to improve upon and accessorize your favorite electronic gadgets.

The PowerDock Duel is built around the concept of placing everything you carry in your pockets or hold in your hands in one convenient location when coming and going from a single destination. Carrying both an iPad and/or iPhone/iPod with you? Simply plug it into the dock and charge both simultaneously. Access to your iDevice’s screens and sounds are left unobstructed while you store your keys, wallet or gum in the valet dish. The PowerDock Dual is now available and can be yours for $59.99.

AirCurve Play

Griffin’s AirCurve Play is an Acoustic Amplifier built specially for your iPhone 4. Its clever design collects the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone and amplifies it with the AirCurve’s built-in coiled waveguide and projects it into the room, thus making your iPhone speakers louder by 10 decibels. The “Play” was also engineered so that it works without batteries or power adapters.

Built out of transparent polycarbonate, you’re able to view see your iPhone 4 from a 360 degree angle in either landscape or portrait mode. AirCurve Play is also now available and priced at a reasonable $19.99.

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