Freebies Roundup: ReaddleDocs and More now Free for limited time

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ReaddleDocs, easily one of the best and most complete document reader/file managers for the iPhone and iPod Touch (see our iPad review), is now free for the weekend. Aside from the robust PDF reader that supports full text search and text reflow, this all-in-one wonder can also:

  • Copy files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi
  • Read Office Documents
  • Save Email Attachments
  • Share Files With Your Friends
  • Read Books On The Go
  • Transfer files to iPhone with or without Wi-Fi
  • Save Documents From the Web
  • Access iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs And Other Storages

Previously at $4.99, ReaddleDocs will allow you to manage your numerous files within one app, making it a central hub for all your data – be it on the actual iDevice or remote PC/Mac. Aside from this awesome freebie, we’ve also rounded up a good number of apps/games that has recently gone from paid–>free. Be check to check out the entire list after the break!

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager)

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ReaddleDocs is all-in-one document reader for iPhone and iPod Touch.

It can catch documents from any source you can imagine: PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online file storages and even iPhones. All files are saved to your iPhone or iPod Touch locally so you can enjoy reading them anywhere!

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) Readdle, ReaddleDocs – Free

Drift Mania Championship

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Stunning 3D graphics using the multi-touch capabilities of your device to simulate an authentic drifting experience.

Challenge your friends by submitting your high scores for each circuit and expose your achievements to the world.

Play often to increase your overall career score and become the next Driftmania world champion. The top 100 positions are displayed on the official Driftmania game website.

Drift Mania Championship Ratrod Studio, Drift Mania Championship, – Free

Doodle Bomb

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Blast your way through 65 mind-bending physics puzzles as you guide your hero to the ultimate goal of “Bomb Master”. Interact with unique physics driven machines and characters who will help (or hurt) your attempt to infiltrate the enemy base using as few bombs as possible.

Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang Bottle Rocket, Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang, – Free

Naughty Bear

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When the other bears threw a party, Naughty Bear wasn’t invited.
Scorned for the last time, Naughty Bear is exacting his revenge…
Now they will pay… with their lives…

Naughty Bear 505 Games, Naughty Bear, – Free


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Slash Master will give you best action you’ve never seen!!

More about the game.
– Stylish action
– Easy control you play batter
– Various A.I pattern, brand new boss monsters
– Upgrade your combo and kill the monster
– Change your weapon, each weapon makes exciting.

SlashMaster ZooBox, SlashMaster, – Free

Ghost’n Zombies

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Ghosts’n Zombies is an action shooting game. You play the monk from the Vatican that was sent to eliminate the demons and restore peace to an ancient chapel. You must destroy the enemies and gather the crystals they drop. The crystals represent faith and are used both for bullets and life. There are two different game modes in the game. Each game mode features many stages with unique levels and enemies to fight.

Ghosts'n Zombies TipCat Mobile, Ghosts’n Zombies, – Free

Pocket Ants

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You are king of the ANTS – feeding, squishing, burning, marching, pulling, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants!

Pocket Ants Concrete Software, Pocket Ants, – Free


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Travel word-wide and build up your Textropolis by finding the words hidden in each city. Play through 30 different cities in this free-play word discovery game. Stumble across a new word? Textropolis includes definitions for every word in the game. Watch each city grow as you discover its words and add to your total Textropolis population! Shake your phone or iPod to get a helpful hint when you are stuck, and you can even send postcards from your best cities to a friend via email to show off your vocabulary!

Textropolis NimbleBit, Textropolis (TMA Review), – Free

Train Conductor

iPhone Screenshot 2


Control trains with the swipe of a finger, avoid disastrous collisions and explore 10 exotic Australian levels. THIS IS NO SIMULATION – JUST SUPER FUN!

Become a Train Conductor today!

Train Conductor The Voxel Agents, Train Conductor, – Free

Geared for iPad

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Geared is a radically new and innovative puzzle game; a unique addition to its genre.

The first and only Gear-based game with absolutely no snap-grid. Geared delivers complete and total freedom to the player, bestowing every puzzle with a near infinite array of choices.

Pit your intellect against 150 uniquely designed levels, original to this game.

Geared for iPad Bryan Mitchell, Geared for iPad, – Free

Chess Crusades (iPad)

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Chess Crusade is an exciting way to play one of the world’s most popular strategy games.

*Beautifully crafted high resolution board and pieces; see the pawns, knights, bishops, castles, kings, and queens come to life before your eyes!
*Unique and entertaining battle sequences make this a chess game with a difference. Watch as your pieces do battle in over 70 fully animated encounters!
*Play against your friends and family in 2 Player mode, or battle against the devious AI opponent on 10 difficulty levels. Set a time limit, or play an unlimited game, it’s completely up to you!

Chess Crusades Slam Productions, Chess Crusades, – Free

Backyard Card Toss

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A new kind of tossing game. Challenge your skill with backyard card toss. Accuracy and consistency is the key. See how much score you can get in the Challenge mode or take your time in the endless mode. It’s not just another paper toss but more like a ninja with shurikens except you are tossing card :) Improve your accuracy and consistency to get higher score. Use the optional accelerometer control to aid in your toss.

Backyard Card Toss Jarod Lim, Backyard Card Toss, – Free

Cut Cut Boom Pro

iPhone Screenshot 1

Cut Cut Boom Pro is the most exciting game that you never played before. You impersonate a chef during the game. Just slice the animals on screen with your finger to clean their feathers. Be careful of bombs. If you touch them, the game is over.

Cut Cut Boom Pro GYI, Cut Cut Boom Pro, – Free

Action Heroes 9-in-1

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Action Heroes combines a series of action games in one app as separate episodes. Each episode tells a unique heroic story. Be a shadowy hero and save others, or save yourself! Enjoy the fighting, shooting, explosions, and all your favorite parts of the best action movies and games.

ACTION HEROES 9-IN-1 Triniti Interactive, ACTION HEROES 9-IN-1, – Free

Gene Pool

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In this game, your goal is to keep your organism healthy by merging genes of the same color. Merged genes grow in size and will eventually disappear. Only energized cells can merge with other cells. How? By bouncing them up against walls ofcourse!

Gene Pool Sticky Studios, Gene Pool, – Free

Bees Vs Bear

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A bear escaped from a circus in search for honey. You are in charge of a team of Bees and need to stop the Bear from getting to the honey. You have a very powerful crossbow which can launch bees to attack the Bear. You can target either the Bear himself or the baloon carrying the Bear. It is not as easy as it seems – the Bear knows a lot of tricks to avoid your shots, which you have a limited amount of. The Bear can quickly put the armor on to protect himself or the baloons. He can also attach different objects to the baloons to make your job even harder. Since you are on the Bees side, you should not shoot other bees. You will get a point for every baloon you hit and will lose a point if you shoot a bee.

Bees vs Bear Melior Solutions, Bees vs Bear, – Free

LED Football 2

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Now you’re in charge! Total Control LED Football 2 with Passing means you have total offense. Now the power is in your fingertips to bring the defense to it’s knees. Watch as your receiver goes wide and your Quarterback locks on. Hit the orange PASS button and let that bad boy fly over the heads of that shifty defense (watch out, they can and will intercept you!) and into the waiting arms of your fastest receiver. Now you take control of the receiver as you dodge that line of defense. They are mean, but there is no stopping you now, it’s just one slippery sweet ride into the endzone for a TOUCH DOWN!

LED Football 2 touchGrove, LED Football 2, – Free

2012 Defense

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2012 Defense is a game you can play either to shoot down the alien enemies or defense your base.

Bulit-in Open Feint Leaderboards
Awesome animation and detailed graphics
Realistic sound
Easy and intuitive control
Obtain new weapons when level up
10 different weapons (P90, M4A1, R.E.A.S.O.N, AC130, Nuke and etc..)

2012 Defense orientmaple, 2012 Defense, – Free


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Cleopatra® is one of the most popular ‘real life’ slot games ever, enjoyed in casinos around the world. This 5-reel, 20-line game is authentic and has been developed by the original creators of the land-based version. It boasts unparalleled graphics and an unbeatable range of unique features that sets it apart from any other slot games out there.

Cleopatra® IGT, Cleopatra®, – Free

Board (iPad)

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Board is an attractive and useful setting for your notes, lists and favorite pictures. Add some decorative pins, buttons or magnets to dress up your display and put your personal touch to it. Put this practical application on your iPad and carry your portable bulletin board with you, wherever you go. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Board Werner Freytag, Board – Free

iGotChat (Messenger, Group Chat, Poke, Chat, SMS, MMS)

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Now FREE! iGotChat is a SmartPhone-to-SmartPhone instant messaging application for iPhone, iPod Touch & Android devices. It features group chat, multimedia support, distribution lists, user message blocking and an innovative poking feature that will have you hooked from the moment you use it. * NO OTHER MESSAGING APP HAS THIS INNOVATIVE FUNCTIONALITY. *

iGotChat (Messenger, Group Chat, Poke, Chat, SMS, MMS) Cantcha, iGotChat – Free

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