Learn a skill on your iDevice that could put you behind bars with Card Counter

TMSOFT, the makers of Blackjack Basic Strategy Card steps up their game by giving you the chance to learn a skill only the most daring (or shady) of individuals would be willing to perform.

Card Counter is a “game” that has you counting cards to beat the dealer and casino out of their money. Features include a redesign of graphics and game play, support for iPad, iPhone and Retina Display. A new challenge mode has been created with unlimited rounds to see just how much money you can make. Submit scores via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. Game Center leaderboards with iOS 4 .x devices are integrated into the game (so Las Vegas Casinos know who to keep an eye out for on your next trip) and Achievements are expected soon.

Keep your eyes glued to TMA for possible news reports of individuals getting their body parts placed in vices — “Casino” style — for attempting to take their new found skills into the real world. Card Counter (universal app) is now available on the App Store and can be yours for $1.99.

Card Counter TMSOFT, Card Counter, 12.4 MB – $1.99

App Description

You play BlackJack. You love BlackJack. You’ve memorized basic strategy and know what to do in every hand. But now you want more. Maybe you saw the movie “21”, read the book “Bringing Down the House”, or just heard about card counting. Card Counter will teach you everything you need to know without having to enroll at MIT.

* Universal iPhone and iPad app. Buy once play anywhere.
* Beautiful graphics with Retina display support!
* Study guide for learning the system of counting
* Card tutorial to demonstrate card counting
* Practice modes for fine tuning your skills
* Progress through easy, medium, hard, and expert game levels
* Earn lots of cash with challenge mode and unlimited levels.
* High scores for tracking your progress with world wide ranking.
* Game center leaderboards for iOS 4.1 capable devices.
* Blackjack basic strategy reference card included
* Learn all the popular card systems including Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, KO, Omega II, Silver Fox, and Zen Count.
* Add new counting systems with the custom strategy builder. Let’s you specify the card count values and starting count.
* Voice over by Oscar Santana from Big O & Dukes and Mike O’Meara show

Learn everything you need to know on a plane to Las Vegas, a car ride to Atlantic City, or in the comforts of your own home.

Study. Practice. Win.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Card Counter is a video game based on the techniques of card counting. Using an iPhone or any device while at Blackjack tables is illegal. Never play Card Counter or use any electronic device while playing at casino tables.

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