iPhone 4 Defender Series Case In Review – The Perfect Protection For Your Precious Portable!

For the last couple weeks I’ve been using the iPhone 4 Defender Series Case by Otterbox, who’ve long been referred to as one of, if not the best providers of durable cases for mobile phones. With all the horror stories about the phone’s supposed “gorilla glass” breaking and cracking, I was extremely eager to test one out and protect my own Jesus phone.

One of the first things I noticed about the case was the size, especially when compared to other typical cases on the market. The length and width are only slightly larger than the iPhone, though the depth (thickness) is almost double – the iPhone is 0.37″ deep and the case comes in at 0.66″.  Now you may think an increase in size like that maybe cumbersome. That would be true if this were a normal case. Seeing how the main purpose of the Defender case is to utterly protect your iPhone though, the slightly extra bulk is actually welcomed and it certainly does a good job protecting it.

Putting your phone in the case is a bit of a process. All together there are 4 pieces (front, back, sleeve, holster). You slide the phone into the front piece, the back then slides in and snaps into clips along the side and finally, there is a silicone cover that goes over the back and sides, thus providing a nice cushion like support that’s also pleasant to hold. On their own, the pieces feel a little flimsy, but together the case feels nice and sturdy.

The other accessory is the belt clip, which allows you to sit the phone in the holster facing inwards or out. The Defender case also comes with a protective screen protector, one that gives your iPhone 4 screen added protection and prevents finger prints on the surface. While it is nice to have the plastic film, I did find that the extra layer caused the phone to be unresponsive at times and typing can result in a light tapping sound as the film bounces ever so slightly against the screen. After a while you learn to drown it out, but it can still be pretty annoying.

Usage of the phone isn’t affected too much with the case on (other than the occasional response issues) and you do get used to the increase in size rather quickly. The casing also provides protection for all the ports and plugs in the form of flaps, though I’m always a little worried that I could end up tearing the one covering the headphone jack as it stays pushed up while earphones are plugged in. The silicone material that covers the case also makes holding it extremely comfortable and I never once worried about my phone slipping. That said though, the silicone can pick up flecks of dirt or dust depending where you leave it (i.e lining of pocket).

As for everyday use, the Defender Case does provide adequate protection from the usual things like keys, spare change or coat zipper when it’s in the holster or pocket. During test drops on carpet, tile and hardwood up to 2-3 feet high, it came through without a mark. I didn’t try any higher since I really didn’t want to go from testing the case to trying to break my iPhone 4. From what I’ve seen though, it should stand up just fine for the average user and provide more than enough protection compared to many of the flimsy cases out there.

Aside from just functionality, the Defender Series Case also comes in 8 color combinations. At its MSRP of $49.95, it can be a little on the high end for some. However, considering that it provides quite a bit more protection than your average case, as well as the fact that it includes a holster, you certainly get good value for your money. After spending a considerable amount of time testing it out, I am definitely pleased with the Defender case. It provides plenty of protection without adding too much bulk and with all the color combinations offered, you should have no problems finding one you fancy. For those of you looking to keep your iPhone 4 safe (without compromising its good looks), OtterBox’s Defender series case is an easy recommendation.

Note: Amazon is currently selling the Defender Series Case (Black only) for $29.51.

App Summary
Product: iPhone 4 Defender Series Case Manufacturer: OtterBox
Price: $49.99 (MSRP) App Size: 0.6 MB
  • Multi-layer phone protection
  • Scratch resistant screen film
  • Added belt clip/holster
  • 8 color combinations
  • Screen occasionally unresponsive due to film
  • Tapping sounds from film when typing


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