CNET: 5 Reasons Why Android better than iPhone [Video]

According to Gartner’s recent Smartphone Market report, Android accounted for 25.5% of worldwide sales, compared to “just” 16.7% for the iPhone. But numbers aside, which is the better smartphone? Well, leave it to CNET’s Brian Cooley to answer this hotly debated question. Comparing the “two universes” (OS, devices, apps, carriers), Cooley takes a quick look and explains why Android is the superior product. He certainly gives valid reasons, but there’s no denying that faithful iPhone 4 users will think otherwise and can just as easily give 5 reasons of their own on why Apple’s phone takes the cake.

So what do you think? You agree that Android is better than the iPhone because of things like native flash support or the abundant choices of handsets? Video after the break!

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  • Well difference is quite convincing might go for android this coming holidays

  • Robert Chan

    Here are 5 reasons why the iPhone 4 is better than Android

    1 – Superior AppStore
    2 – Apple’s method for multitasking better on battery life
    3 – Speaking of which, overall battery life
    4 – iOS
    5 – Retina Display

  • patrick

    Top five reasons Hyundai is “better” than Mercedes Benz:

    5. Open source: Hyundai is way easier to modify and you can buy the modified parts everywhere. You are treated like an adult that can choose which spinners to put on your wheels or how big the faux spoiler should be.

    4. MultiTasking: The cheap interior has all sorts of little gimmicky things in a Hyundai. Those people at Mercedes were so wrong to focus on the quality of the few things that you actually use a car for.

    3. Flash: You can run your Hyundai on inferior product (i.e. 89 octane). The mercedes requires a higher quality of product to support the driving experience (ie premium grade).

    2. Available Hardware: Hyundai has way more models and trim levels than Mercedes. Every year they release more and more as they attempt to find the market and dump the models that get instantaneous bad reputations (deservedly). Mercedes has stuck with their core product line and has focused on improvement and refinement, with just the occasional new model introduction. Clearly quantity prevails over quality. Nobody wants to drive a car more than 90,000 miles these days anyway….

    1. Carriers: Yes, the Mercedes is limited in certain ways. There is no off-roading in most Mercedes. They don’t sell a real SUV and you won’t find trail tires within a mile of any MB dealership. So clearly the Hyundai is the hands down winner since it can go anywhere and do anything.

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