Watch what you eat with FoodMeter: Good Food or Bad Food?

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If you need advice on whether the food you buy is a healthy meal or a calorie nightmare, FoodMeter: Good Food or Bad Food? aims to make it easier for you to decide. The developers, Viaden Mobile, say that the app is “simply the best tool on the App Store for those who care about their bodies, want to be fit and maintain their health.”

The app boasts of a barcode scanner that, with a single tap, will identify food items and evaluate how healthy they are. You can log the items or search for specific food products in a 300,000 strong database culled from restaurants and shops. The rating system is based on the widely used Food Score system which compares foodstuffs with their counterparts and rates them.

In addition, the app provides live support with free tips from a team of diet specialists.

“FoodMeter: Good Food or Bad Food?” is currently occupying the leading positions on the App Store in the Healthcare & Fitness category and should be a godsend for all the health junkies out there. The universal app (designed for both iPhone and iPad) is available on iTunes for the low price of $0.99.

FoodMeter: Good Food or Bad Food? ARAWELLA, FoodMeter: Good Food or Bad Food?, 15.21MB – $0.99

App Description

★★★ More than 300,000 food items from supermarkets and over 300 restaurants
★★★The application works on iPhone (including iPhone 4 with Retina screen), iPod Touch and iPad!
★★★ Scanning and manual barcode input, searching by dish, brand and restaurant
★★★ Ask your questions about healthy eating and get professional consultations!

We all buy products at supermarkets, go to bars and restaurants and want to be healthy. However, it’s not always easy to figure out whether you choose a healthy dish. FoodMeter is created to help you make the right choice and select healthier foodstuff and dishes.

There’s no more need to carefully examine various nutrition facts and microelements tables to find out whether the food you’ve chosen is worth eating. It takes only pressing one button and you will get a simple evaluation with explanations that will be clear even for a child. The evaluation is presented in a diagram form and is based on the Food Score system. Operating the application takes a few seconds and it won’t distract you from your shopping or a dinner in the restaurant.

You can search food items both by the barcode (you can use the in-built scanner or to enter the barcode manually) and by their names and brands. Moreover, you can also search dishes by the restaurants brand name.

If you are interested in the calorie content and the ingredients of the chosen food item, you can always look it up by pressing just one button. Besides, you can always review your food inquiry history to save your time.

Besides you can ask our experts your questions about healthy eating and get professional consultations absolutely for free!

Main features:

o Instant product search with the barcode scanner (requires iPhone 3GS/4)
o Manual barcode input and food items search by their names or brands
o Dish search by various restaurants
o More than 300 000 food items and restaurant dishes
o Simple and clear evaluation based on the Food Score system
o Access to the information about all food ingredients and nutrition facts
o The possibility to share info about the chosen food on Facebook and Twitter

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