Hit Your Gaming D-Spot with Tactile+Plus

Heard the line “This game is great but the d-pad sucks” too many times? A Japanese company offers its handy solution – instead of waiting for developers to figure it out, why not enhance the d-pad with a sticky set of controls on your screen?

Tactile+Plus offers an ingenious solution to your touchscreen woes. A hexagon shape with eight tactile little circles superimposed on the touchscreen d-pad allows you to easily slide around the area, making it easier to move around and pull off some fancy moves. Additional physical ‘buttons’ can be placed where they are needed for other buttons on the screen – reserved for jump, or other special functions.

The verdict is still out on whether this product will work as advertised. If you are willing to try it out, Tactile+Plus is available online for ¥630 ($7.80 US).

[via Wired]

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