10 New App Store Games To Watch [Nov. 1 – 7]

This was an interesting week.  A couple of big players released what felt like low key properties, and some indies released some interesting looking titles that will unfortunately probably get passed over.  Topping the list is Capcom Arcade, one of Capcom’s first ventures into the world of freemium iPhone gaming.  This emulator includes an initial lineup of hits like 1942 and Street Fighter 2, and is free to play for 3 games a day.  If your retro fetish falls more in line with job based oldies then you might want to check out Paperboy: Special Delivery, Glu’s modern take on the 80’s classic inspired by the job held by pre-teen boys across the country.  For something a bit darker you might want to check out Necronomicon, an interesting card / board game / RPG based off the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  Finally, for the social strategist there’s foursqWAR, a tactical war game plastered on top of the Foursquare social network.

CAPCOM ARCADE – Retro seems to be “in” on the iPhone, and Sega has certainly capitalized on that trend by re-releasing many of their older titles emulated on the iOS platform.  Now it’s Capcom’s turn with Capcom Arcade, and judging by the initial lineup they mean business.  Download the arcade today and you’ll be treated to the likes of Street Fighter II, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, 1942 and Commando.  Of course, for any of you that have been with my reviews for any length of time, you’ll know they had me at 1942.  And these aren’t second rate conversions of wimpy console ports, either.  These are the actual arcade versions of the honored Campcom hits.  They do talk of an “iPhone” mode for casual gamers, but that’s blasphemy to us purists!  What makes this truly interesting is that the game is free, but you’re limited to 3 plays per day.  You can buy more tokens for more plays, or you can just buy your favorite game outright.  Sounds like an intriguing business model to me.


Paperboy: Special Delivery – Speaking of retro, Glu snuck in a bit of a surprise this week with the release of Paperboy: Special Delivery.  I can’t say I was a huge fan of the original, but at least the concept of a boy delivering papers was and still is a unique game concept.  And, it sounds like this one might be a little nicer to those of us that don’t have good tossing skills.  There’s even a new adventure mode where you’ll compete for your route and the girl against the deliverer known as “Grifter”.  The streets are littered with obstacles like runaway lawnmowers and breakdancers (this game really is from the 80s), but a steady hand and perseverance will earn you abilities like multi-paper throws and a yo-yo.  There’s even a special Halloween theme in story mode that will allow you to “trick” the clients by tossing the papers through their windows.  And, if you want to see how your skills stack up against others the game is Game Center enabled.

Paperboy: Special Delivery Glu, Paperboy: Special Delivery, 11.30MB – $4.99

CLUE: Secrets & Spies – A Hidden Object Game – Apparently EA is bound and determined to bring us everything but a true interpretation of Clue.  First there was Clue for iPhone, which was decent but not Clue.  Now we have Clue: Secrets & Spies for the iPad, which is a hidden object game with spot the difference mini-games thrown in to “hone your detective skills”.  But at least we now know that CLUE is really an acronym (Criminal League for Ultimate Espionage).  You’ll travel from Morocco to Hong Kong as you try and track down the bad guys through 7 hidden object missions.  You’ll uncover essential spy gear that can help you further your quest along, and if you get stuck you can activate the Clue Detector to point out the location of elusive items.  I don’t know if this takes us a step closer or brings us a step back from an authentic interpretation of the acclaimed board game, but it’s nice to see them trying to keep the mythos alive.

CLUE: Secrets & Spies - A Hidden Object Game Electronic Arts, CLUE: Secrets & Spies, 76.27MB – $6.99

Chop Chop Hockey – When it comes to sports games I’m much more comfortable with silly and outrageous than realistic and authentic.  That’s why I’ve really been rooting for the Chop Chop series of sports games, though I’m still waiting for the breakthrough title in that lineup.  Hockey might be it.  Like the other games Hockey employs one finger touch for all your game playing needs.  You can pick from 1 of 8 teams including “Skulls”, “Flamingos”, and of course, “Ninjas”.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll also get to choose one of 4 arenas to battle it out in and a level of difficulty that makes you feel the most comfortable.  The graphics look to maintain Chop Chop’s decent 3D cartoon style, and the game is universal for maximum device coverage.  Future updates promise more of everything as well, which will make an already jam-packed game even more worth the money.

Chop Chop Hockey Gamerizon, Chop Chop Hockey, 52.96MB – $0.99

Necronomicon – Most horror fans will recognize this name from one venue or another, but its origins stem from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, which is what this game is based off of as well.  A cult has stolen the book to unleash unspeakable evil on the world, and it’s up to you to stop them.  The game combines the fast pace of a customizable card game with the deeper strategies and tactics of a table top RPG.  An evolving setting guarantees that no two games are alike, and unlockable content as well as future DLC will keep the game fresh and exciting.  It’s designed to play in 10-20 minute increments, perfect for those who have a commute to work or some other place every day.  The visuals have been rendered by some top fantasy talent, so expect to be dazzled.  The whole setup sounds kind of like Tim Burton reimagining the world of Clue, which is perfectly fine with me.

Necronomicon Lucidsphere Media, Necronomicon, 85.57MB – $1.99

Word Warrior – Word Warrior is the evolution that Scrabble has needed for many years.  It’s an RPG, but you form words with tiles in order to deal damage to your opponents.  There are different styles of play such as “words with X number of letters” and “words that begin with _” to keep things fresh.  Special tiles will deal extra damage when used in a word.  Your character is fully customizable with various weapons and all different types of armor.  Because the tiles are randomly generated, no two games are exactly the same.  The only thing that seems to be missing is the mention of any sort of social network integration.  Still, the visuals look pretty slick, the concept sounds cool, and it is part of what’s currently not an oversaturated genre on the App Store.  And for the kids you can always tell your parents you’re trying to learn the most efficient way to use your vocabulary!

Word Warriorâ„¢ Faro Entertainment, Word Warriorâ„¢,18.7 MB – Free

Lil’ Pirates – If you want to play the Little Tikes version of Pirates Of The Caribbean, here you go!  Actually, for something with what looks like fairly cutesy graphics, the game itself sounds pretty decent.  You commandeer a ship, select a crew, and set sail to become the most feared pirate on the seven seas.  You want to amass some quality booty, but you can bury treasure to make it more valuable.  Hop on Facebook to recruit friends, then stab them in the back by digging up their horded loot.  You’ll engage in ship to ship cannon fire and send your crew on deadly missions.  The game is free, but keep in mind that you must be online to play.

Lil' Pirates Capcom Interactive., Lil’ Pirates, 36.57MB – Free

oursqWAR – Foursquare goes to war – Despite everything I’ve seen about it on Twitter and the like, I’ve really had no desire to check out Foursquare, so all I really know is that it’s some sort of location based thing.  There’s no denying its popularity, however, and one developer has taken advantage of that to create a war game based off of the social service.  The buildings you capture and defend are real world, and the game directly integrates with Foursquare.  You’ll be able to complete missions for achievement points and take on your friends via Game Center.  As you play you’ll have access to more units that you can use to alter your attack and defense strategies.  If I was a little more mobile in my daily activities this sounds like it would be a really intriguing game.  There’s definitely a lot to still be explored in terms of social networking and location based games.

foursqWAR - Foursquare goes to war Project Zebra, foursqWAR, 4.63MB – $0.99

Doodle Lab101 – In this new physics puzzler you’ll draw and erase lines in order to guide elements to particular beakers.  You will learn equations that will let you mix elements to produce new ones, and it’s important that you take the weight of the elements into account as well.  In order to mix the elements you can swirl them around with your finger.  The best part of all of this is that there is more than one way to beat a level, so you can tinker around to figure out what will earn you the best grade.  As you might have guessed the graphics have a doodle slant, but the cut scenes are rendered in a manga style.  The game initially comes with 70 levels and has an update in the works for 30 more.  Additionally, Game Center and OpenFeint achievements will give you plenty to work towards.  Sounds like it might be time to hit the lab again after being out of school for so long.

Doodle Lab101 FunTribe, Doodle Lab101, 11.16MB – $0.99

Death Worm – To round out the roundup this time I decided to include Death Worm.  Why?  Because it is one of those games that just seems like a silly premise that would be a lot of fun to play.  I know not long ago there was another game very much like this released to the App Store, but honestly this one looks better and seems to have more to offer.  The game has 45 levels spread across 3 locations, as well as a mini-game to play.  You can control 1 of 3 different worms and take on 30 different types of adversaries, including aliens!  Game Center leaderboards and achievements will help you decide if you can be a better worm than your friends.  I just hope the controls are decent, because that was my biggest turn-off with the other game.  If you’ve ever wanted to experience Tremors in a video game, this might be the closest you’ll get.

Death Worm PlayCreek, Death Worm, 39.85MB – $0.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable ones:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store.  As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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