Stunning 3D Virtual Pets with HamTouch! for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Tokyo, Japan – The headlining app in HI Corporation’s brand-new Communi-Pets series of virtual pets, HamTouch! for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch brings engrossing gameplay and cutting-edge 3D graphics to your handheld.

With HamTouch! you can look after your very own virtual hamster – feed it, play with it, take photos of it and even invite friends’ hamsters over to play from other HamTouch! users on Twitter. Care for your hamster regularly and you’ll build a good relationship with your new pet.

Begin by selecting your hamster and giving it a name. Watch as your new pet explores its table-top home, and then start looking after it and playing with it. Super-realistic 3D graphics make HamTouch! great to look at, and using intuitive iPhone-native controls you can rotate and zoom the view through the virtual camera.

For a contented hamster, you’ll need to feed it regularly with different kinds of foods, play with it and stroke its coat – just as you would a real pet. All these actions are accomplished using simple touch-screen controls, so it’s easy to play with your hamster when you have a few spare moments.

You can check on how well you’re doing by calling up the Hamster Profile screen. This shows you your hamster’s weight, the glossiness of its coat, as well as its overall condition and satisfaction level. Take a look at your Owner Profile to see how you’re doing as your pet’s owner.

A built-in camera function allows you to take photos of the current scene. Optionally, you can use the pen and stamp tools to further customize your pictures. You can save pictures to your photo album and also share them via Twitter. Another great feature allows you to place your own hamster over any background picture saved in your Photo Library. You can then scale and rotate your hamster to position it perfectly before saving or sharing the new image.

Twitter features go beyond simply sharing photos. You can also invite friend’s hamsters to come and play – twice as much fun, and a great chance to get in touch with other HamTouch! users from all over the world.

* Choose your hamster’s name and gender as well as its coat color and pattern
* Check your hamster’s profile to see how well you’re looking after it
* Check your owner profile to see your activity within the app
* Play controls include stroking, pulling, tripping and feeding your hamster
* Care controls include refilling food and cleaning the water dispenser
* Feed your hamster with five different food types
* Take photos of your hamster at play on the tabletop
* Customize your photos using the pen and stamp tools
* Use an existing photo from your photo library as a background for your hamster – position the hamster however you like to create a new picture
* Share pictures of your hamster via Twitter
* Invite other hamsters to come and play via Twitter

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, 4 / iPod touch 3G, 4G / iPad

Pricing and Availability:
iPhone / iPod touch $3.99 (USD). iPad $4.99. HamTouch! is available exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review codes, screenshots and everything else you need are ready to roll. Just get in touch with Snapp Media.

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Purchase and Download for iPad
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Developer HI Corporation is one of Japan’s premier games developers, with several smash hits already under its belt. Find out more at the HI Corporation website. Copyright (C) 2010. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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