The Kinetik – A New App Discovery Network from Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark – The Kinetik today announced it has helped over 111 mobile publishers in categories like entertainment, productivity and social networking exchange clicks with other publishers since opening the doors two weeks ago. The Kinetik is a cross promotion network for mobile app developers to promote each other and get more users without spending any money. We allow developers to choose who they promote, ensuring their users get a relevant selection of apps.

When a user taps a “more app” tab in your app, the Kinetik service will provide a selection of mobile apps, which you can filter, that appeal to the consumer. For every recommendation your app does, you will get one back from the network. The downloads are traded based on credits. Your app earns credits when you recommend another app and when some other app recommends you, you will be spending those credits. The Kinetik is available for both iOS and Android developers.

8 Cool Things We’ve Heard About The Kinetik:

1. For Free!
2. Every developer can choose what app to promote in their app. No undesirable apps, you have the control.
3. The Kinetik Girl. She will always help you with instructions and tips.
4. Social. Invite app developers to work with you.
5. It’s not intrusive and looks beautiful.
6. Easy to install.
7. It’s not only for games. It’s for every kind of app.
8. Android and iPhone ready.

The Kinetik
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Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, The Kinetik is a StartupBootCamp a company – a TechStars global affiliate. We’ve been developing mobile sites and apps. Copyright (C) 2010 The Kinetik. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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