DOSPad (formerly known as iDOS) – DOS on your iDevice (only for jailbroken devices now)

Ever since I found out that ScummVM had been ported to the iDevice one thing I always felt missing was the other clever piece of software, which was the last refuge for anyone wanting to play old games on their spanking new PC. I’m talking, of course, about DosBox. I even did some research and the devs said that it would be very difficult to do so due to some underlying engine specifics. Well, apparently one developer had loads of time on his hands, ¬†since a few days ago iDOS made a surprise appearance on the App Store — only to be hastily pulled down by Apple after a few hours. But guess what, it’s still available on Cydia under the name of DosPad!

Oh yeah, installation instructions after the break.

As you have already guessed, DosPad (formerly known as iDOS on the App Store) is an adaptation of the best crossplatform Dos environment emulator – DosBox. Based on the 0.74 build of the original, DosPad was originally envisioned for the iPad, but has since been updated to support the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Of course it’s not perfect, especially on the latter devices, with the smallish custom-designed keyboard being a bit difficult to interact with.

Nevertheless, I have been able to get quite reasonable framerates on my iPhone 4 and I can only imagine how convenient it would be on the larger screen of Apple’s dream tablet. At the moment DosPad was able to munch through everything I threw at it, from the good old Digger to Masters of Magic to X-Com 2 and Albion. It will require a bit of configuring though, especially for the higher end stuff by going in and manually correcting the config file. But anyone willing to take that extra step is sure to be rewarded by a hint of nostalgia and wonder seeing those games, which once constituted the state of the art of video gaming industry right in the palm of one’s hand.

So, to cut to the chase, go and get it – it’s free!

Add the dev’s source to Cydia (goto manage->Sources, tap add and type it in):

Now just search Cydia for DosPad (be sure to get the beta if you’re an iPhone/iPod Touch user).

Oh yeah, and the path on the phone, automatically mounted as disc C:, is: /var/mobile/Documents

Just grab your favourite file transfer method, throw in some good old games and enjoy :)

P.S. A tip – for the higher end titles to run smoothly open up /var/mobile/Documents/dospad.cfg and add core=dynamic under [cpu]


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