Over 10,000 Smartphone Coasters Served in just 72 hours

San Diego, California – In just 72 hours after introduction over 10,000 Smartphone Coasters sold, making this the hottest product introduction newPCgadgets has ever launched. With just brief mentions in popular online sites like MacWorld, Engadget, BerryReview, Android Central and PalmAddicts, Smartphone Coasters have quickly become a runaway hit.

According to founder Michael Schriner “These stands are the perfect compliment to people that need fast access to their phones.” According to Engadget, “The design is simple and elegant, looks to be very functional, and the price is right.” At $3.95 each, Smartphone Coasters are stainless steel stackable trays that hold your iPhone, iPod touch or any Smartphone at a comfortable 75 degree viewing angle. The stainless steel design gives your Smartphone a stylish look, making you the cool cat in the room.

Schriner came up with the idea when he was out to dinner with his children. “We noticed that most people set their cell phones on the table and have to look down to view incoming calls or texts. My daughter suggested that I make a stand so people could easily view their phones. Calling them coasters made them trendy.”

Initially designed for restaurants and sports bars, Smartphone Coasters have caught on everywhere. Now you can provide your friends, guests, clients or customers with the ultimate convenience stand for their Smartphones. Schriner feels that they will be this year’s trendy holiday gift for those on a tight budget, like most of us. They are offering a special gift pack of 6 coasters for $22.95 (USD) plus shipping. Friends and family will thank you for years to come.

According to Schriner, the average order size has been between 4 and 6 coasters. “Many people are buying several for home and work.” Even Rim (BlackBerry) ordered sixty of them for their corporate offices. Schriner feels they have enough inventory to get through Christmas. However, if you are thinking of buying some for gifts you might want to get your order in soon. You can purchase them directly through their site at newPCgadgets.

Smartphone Coasters
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