Angry Birds Plush Toys now ready for pre-orders, set to ship in December [Update]

It’s no secret that Rovio Mobile, developers of the insanely popular Angry Birds (TMA Review), has been working on creating Plush Toys based on the addictive game’s avian heroes. What remained uncertain however, were details on pricing and availability of the toys that will undoubtedly be a top seller with Christmas quickly approaching. And just as Rovio has been rumored to make an official launch announcement anytime now, online toy store ToyWiz jumped the gun and started taking pre-orders for the cute fluffy birds.

According to the website, the plush toys are 8″ in size and priced at $14.99 each. With five different birds set to go on sale, the entire set will cost you around $75US + taxes and shipping. Speaking of which, the toys are set to ship in December, presumably so they arrive at your doorsteps before Dec 25th. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for someone, if you must have one (or all) before Christmas, you may want to pre-order yours now before they sell out.

Update: Rovio Mobile’s own online Angry Birds Store is now live and ready for your pre-orders as well. According to their blog, more plush toys will be added to the lineup after the holiday season, with different size options coming for each bird, along with various green pigs set to follow.

[via Mobile Crunch]

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