Security Hole found in iOS 4, make calls from locked iPhones

Think your 4 digit iPhone passcode will keep your contact info safe from prying eyes? Think again. A major security hole has just been discovered in iOS 4, a breach that could allow others to “hack” into your contacts screen and make calls to anyone they wish. All this without having to even guess your password. Here’s how the exploit works:

  1. Slide to unlock your screen
  2. Tap on “Emergency Call” on bottom left of keypad
  3. Enter a fake number, such as ### or 8888. Just make sure it’s not your country’s emergency number!
  4. Tap on the green call button and immediately press on lock button on top right of your iPhone.
  5. You should now be taken into your contact screen, where you can browse or call anyone on your list.

It may take you a few tries before the contacts page is accessed, but time it just right and your passcode will be bypassed. Needless to say, this threat is a pretty serious flaw in the OS and you can bet that Apple will patch it up with an update (4.2?) in the near future. Check out the video of a Brazilian iPhone user demonstrating this exploit after the gap.

[via 9to5mac]

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