Piczle Lines in Review – Drawing pictures one line at a time

There are certainly a lot of puzzle and line-drawing games in the App Store these days. But how many puzzle line drawing games are there?  Piczle Lines is a unique combination of the two, using line drawing to complete picture puzzles. In fact the nearly unpronounceable name of the app is derived from PICture + puzZLE = piczle. I decided on “pixel” since you are drawing pictures in a pixellated way as you will see below.

The gameplay is simple to explain, but challenging to master. There are a bunch of colored circles arranged on a grid, and each circle has a number on it. Connect two circles of the same color and number with a line that is that many squares long. This sounds simple enough, but the circles are organized so that there is only one way to connect all the lines, so the challenge is to carefully arrange the lines so that you don’t cut off other lines. When all the spaces have been filled, it forms a picture! As you progress you can try guessing what the picture is, which can form a hint for how the lines should be connected.

The app has two modes of game play, both revolving around the above concept. There are collections of individual puzzles, which you can attempt in any order, and there is a Story Mode, which is a series of 20 puzzles that you complete in order, connected by a theme. For example, the first story is about Professor Matrix who returned from vacation to find his photos were corrupt, and it’s up to you to piece them back together. Each time you complete a puzzle, it is integrated into a single picture that represents the story. When you start the story, the picture is just an empty background, and each puzzle adds an element to the picture, so when you are done you have a scene with all 20 puzzle pictures incorporated. There is also some amusing narrative provided by the Professor, and each time you complete a story you get a rewarding celebration scene.

Piczle Lines is a surprise hit for me. I like puzzle games, but many of them have a “more of the same” feel that makes them lose their appeal over time. Piczle Lines has kept my interest through the whole first Story Mode level, and encouraged me to buy the add-on story mode bundle as well! The controls are intuitive and make good use of the touch controls. I found the difficulty of the first story to be perfectly paced: when I started the first puzzle I was a total newbie thinking wha?!, and by the last puzzle I was stringing together long lines like a pro. There’s something appealing about revealing the image piece by piece, and it’s rewarding to complete a puzzle and see the final picture. The puzzle packs are similarly graded, so if you get stuck you can always work on a different one in the pack.

The developers, Score Studios, took a nice approach with the pricing. Piczle Lines is a free game with in-app purchases for more levels. I personally am a little wary of in-app purchases, but I find this developer’s approach to be refreshing. Piczle Lines comes with the first story in Story Mode, and three free puzzle packs, representing 80 puzzles in total, so there is a lot on offer for free; after that many puzzles you will be in a good position to decide whether to purchase additional content. There is no nagging, and the only ads are on the store page. Kudos to Score Studios for a great concept!

With this I declare Piczle Lines officially touched!


App Summary
Title: Piczle Lines Developer: Score Studios LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.4 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: Free App Size: 9.0 MB
  • Nice visual design and use of touch controls
  • Engaging story mode, lots of individual puzzles for a quick fix
  • Difficulty ramps up evenly
  • Good amount of content for free, no nagging, no obtrusive ads
  • Only one basic concept used for all puzzles
  • Seems to use more battery power than you’d expect for a 2D game


This review was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Paul Close.

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