Titan Defence in Review – Secrets, seekers and mythical beings

One of the areas where the App Store has definitely been a pleasant surprise for me is games tied to various movie and animated franchises. The iDevice has a good number of those in all genres, from Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in adventure to Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TMA Review) in fighting, from TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING (TMA Review) in strategies to one of the best Action games of all time on the platform – Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. And now a recent, but successful Italian animated series – Huntik: Secrets & Seekers has just released a companion game – Titan Defence.

Titan Defence is a variation on the quite rare subgenre on the border of line drawing and hero defence games. Lok Lambert was your average run of the mill schoolboy until he accidentally discovered a secret journal, belonging to his long-lost father. From it he discovered the existence of magic and Titans, ancient magical beings called forth by Seekers – members of a powerful secret order called The Huntik Foundation. Now, guided by Dante – one of the most renowned members of order – he and his friends have to traverse the globe to rediscover the lost Titans before the evil Organization lays its hands on them.

In the game itself you’re put in control of up to 4 Titans and have to defend the journal against the onslaught of Organization’s minions. Before each level you can choose which Titans you’re going to take with you, out of 3 unlockable for each character. The Titans range in attack power, speed and defense, as well as a unique special attack for each. After the successful completion of every chapter, the Titans gain experience and level-up, so you might consider picking favorites early on.

The enemies come in waves from several pre-set gates in each level. For their diligent destruction you gain Seeker points which can be spent on the evocation of Titans, upgrading them in the midst of the battle (up to 6 times), healing and activating the special abilities. And even if you lose a titan, don’t fret, he’s automatically revived after a bit of time.

The levels themselves are quite varied, with the later ones having various special effects, like randomly teleporting your forces across the battlefield following a storm. Graphically the game looks quite nice, with all of the heroes and Titans immediately recognizable. No Retina graphics support though. The interface is clean and more or less easy to use, though activating the special abilities is a bit tricky sometimes. Using the line-drawing mechanic to control the movement of the Titans is straightforward and intuitive, though on a number of occasions I wished I could just tap the place where the currently selected unit should go to.

If you’re a fan of the Huntik animated series, picking up Titan Defence is a no-brainer – you’ll find all of your favourite characters and Titans wrapped in good gameplay design and adequate graphics. And even if you’re not familiar with the cartoon you’ll find more than enough to satisfy your gaming desires. Yes, the RPG elements could be more than simply selecting which Titans to utilize on a particular level and their automatic level-up after a completion of the chapter. Still, the gameplay is oddly addicting, without being overly complicated. Titan Defence is sure to bring hours of enjoyment to any gamer, be it a fan of the series or not.

With this I declare Titan Defence officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Titan Defence Developer: Rainbow Media Pte Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 46.24MB
  • Nice original concept
  • 12 Titans to choose from with unique special abilities
  • Fun and addictive
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • The interface could use some polish
  • No Retina graphics
  • Poor backstory explanation from those not familiar with the series


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