Big Bad Flower in review – It’s Big, It’s Bad, It’s… A Flower?

Up until now the “baddest” flower I’d ever seen was Audrey II from The Little Shop Of Horrors.  Move over Audrey, because there’s a new plant in town that’s ready to usurp the throne.  Its name is BIG BAD Flower, and it has been engineered to take over the world with an endless supply of bubbles and the swiping of its head.  If you’re looking for an action game that has something different to offer, the quest has ended.  Stop reading this review and go buy Big Bad Flower right now.

For those that stayed, let me tell you a story.  It seems a mad scientist has decided to take over the world (duh), and has developed the ultimate flower to accomplish his task.  The Big Bad Flower blows bubbles to surround its enemies, then whooshes them away with a twirl of its overpowering petals.  You’ll take on cute, innocent (yeah, right) woodland creatures, the army, and aliens in your quest for world dominance.  Do you have what it takes to conquer the world?

The main game has three areas that are each divided into 5 levels.  A new character gets introduced on each level, and once all the levels are complete a new area and a bonus is unlocked.  After the first two areas you unlock two versions of the mini-game “Tap And Trap”, and I’m not sure what’s behind bubble number 3 yet.  In the main game you draw circles around your attackers to surround them in bubbles, and then swipe the flower’s face to blow them away.  You get more points if you get multiple bad guys in a bubble, but let a villain remain un-bubbled too long and it will start shooting or throwing stuff at you.

Each area has one villain that must be tapped, as the “circle ‘o entrapment” won’t work on them.  If an opponent gets a shot out at you it is possible to tap the ammunition to encase it in a bubble should you be quick enough.  The mechanics of the game are certainly unique, and for the most part work really well.  The only problem is that when the battle gets heated, it’s sometimes hard to pull of the circles just right as you’re trying to rapidly jump between several situations at once.  When all else fails there you can use the lightning bolt to trap all the bad guys currently on the screen in a bubble, but remember that you only get this once per level.

Initially you must survive for a certain length of time to beat a level.  Once you’ve done that you can replay that level in unlimited mode, where you just play until you’ve lost all your petals.  This is okay for a while, but I generally prefer having a target to reach when playing a game.  In “Tap And Trap” you’ll be bombarded by falling critters, and you just have to tap them to encase them in a bubble.  When you’ve got a few trapped, tap the flower head in the lower right corner of the screen.  When playing this mini-game, you need to avoid tapping things like bombs and missiles.

The graphics are quite charming, especially when it comes to the flower itself.  You really start to feel sorry for the poor plant as it gets shot up and starts looking more and more pathetic.  Of course a lot of the creatures attacking you are cute too, so this momentary urge to have a pity party and not trap anything comes over you.  Then a damaging shot snaps you out of it and you’re back to bubbling your way to domination.

The sound effects aren’t bad, but what’s really missing is some personalization for the various critters.  In the forest area, for example, I don’t think any of the creatures actually make a noise.  The music is kind of in the same situation – its okay, but there’s only one theme for all three areas.  The areas are diverse enough that they should each have their own theme.

Not really knowing what to expect from Big Bad Flower, I was pleasantly surprised.  The concept is unique and quite engaging, and trying to keep everything contained on the fifth level of each world is definitely a challenge.  I think a couple more game modes might be nice, and some work on the sound is in order.  Otherwise, there’s no reason not to love this different interpretation of a mad scientist’s attempt to take over the world.

App Summary
Title: BIG BAD Flower Developer: Big Bad Brush inc.
Reviewed Ver: v1.0 Min OS Req: 3.1.2
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.5 MB
  • Unique concept
  • Engaging game play
  • Nice graphics
  • Needs a couple more game play modes
  • Sound isn’t great


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