10 New App Store Games To Watch [Oct 11 – 17]

This week a couple of popular franchises were extended.  Ngmoco double dipped this week, first by releasing We Doodle.  Though it starts with “We” it’s not really like any of the other games in the series, as it’s a multi-player internet enabled Pictionary style game.  In the mean time they also snuck in Godfinger All Stars, the sequel to their popular god game Godfinger.  If you haven’t gotten enough of the circular yellow disc with an eye yet, Namco has created yet another offshoot of the Pac-Man franchise, Pac-Attack.  If you’re looking for a unique RPG experience you might want to try Journey Of Fortune for the iPad, a combination RPG and board game that uses a spinner instead of dice.  Nothing says modern technology like a concept patterned after non-electronic entertainment.

We Doodle – The newest “We” game in the popular line from Ngmoco is unlike any you’ve seen before in the series.  The game is actually an internet-enabled (and actually required), multi-player version of popular drawing games like Win, Lose & Draw or Pictionary.  Using one of 7 different languages, you’ll have a huge library of words to play through as you try and illustrate your way to victory.  You can play the turn based games with your friends or live online play with folks around the world.  As you win you’ll have the opportunity to unlock new art tools to help your cause.  There’s even the ability to shop for aids like stencils, brushes and new canvas backgrounds, though no mention if the currency is virtual or IAP.  The game is available for all devices, though you’ll need iOS4 to run it, and like all the other “We” games the cost of entry is a big fat nothing.

We Doodle ngmoco, We Doodle, 15.8 MB – Free
We Doodle for iPad ngmoco, We Doodle for iPad, 30.1 MB – Free

GodFinger All Stars – The Godfinger is back, and this time it wants to make a star out of all of its followers.  Just like in the original your job is to strike admiration and fear into the hearts of your followers via godly wonders.  This time around you’ll have the extra task of collecting Follower Stars, which can be used to level up your followers’ star power so that you can earn some sweet rewards (and we’re not just talking candy here).  A new mini-game entitled the Jump Game will allow you to collect bonus gold and stars as well.  Share your planet with your friends, and exude your charm upon your friends’ followers for even more gold.  Best of all, your save data from the original Godfinger transfers over, so you don’t have to start from scratch.  And really best of all is the fact that just like the original Godfinger, Godfinger All Stars is free.

GodFinger All Stars ngmoco, GodFinger All Stars, 19.4 MB – Free
GodFinger All Stars for iPad ngmoco, GodFinger All Stars for iPad, 19.6 MB – Free

PAC-ATTACK – Namco is at it again, milking the Pac-Man license for all it’s worth with this latest iteration, Pac-Attack.  This time around it’s a falling blocks game, where you’re trying to clear rows of blocks a la Tetris.  Wall blacks get cleared away when you match a whole row of them, and Pac-Man blocks will do whatever they can to get to the bottom of the screen, which hopefully includes eating their way through a path of ghost blocks.  Puzzle mode has 100 levels that begin with pre-determined arrangements of blocks, and you must skillfully eliminate the blocks with new groups that drop in a certain order.  I would gather that Scramble mode is more of a random affair, and allows you to compete with your Facebook friends in online rankings.  The graphics look pretty generic, but the game play certainly sounds like an interesting mash of falling block games and the beloved Pac-Man franchise.

PAC-ATTACK Namco, PAC-ATTACK, 5.8 MB – $2.99

Journey of Fortune: Dragon’s Fire – In a digital store filled with Zelda clones and hack ‘n slash adventures, it sounds like Journey Of Fortune has set out to do something a little bit different.  The premise is still “slay the best and rescue the damsel in distress”, but the game is played out like a board game where you use a spinner to determine how far you move and what attack you can unleash (or defense you might muster).  Whether you fight a creature, earn health or mana boosts, or shop at a vendor is all determined by the square you land on.  You can play by yourself or with up to 3 other players, though no mention of internet connectivity leads me to believe that it’s hotseat only.  Still, this sounds like a nice change of pace from the typical button mashing RPG fare that graces the App Store today.

Journey of Fortune: Dragon's Fire CINEMAX, Journey of Fortune: Dragon’s Fire, 16.3 MB – $0.99

The Lacuna Expanse – This week brings us another MMO client for the iPhone, this time in an outer space setting.  Lacuna Expanse likens itself to a combination of Sim City, Masters Of Orion and Civilization, which is a pretty strong pedigree to try and live up to.  You’ll get the chance to colonize worlds, build cities and mine for resources in an interface that somewhat reminds me of the old Amiga game Reach For The Stars.  With choices that dwarf dedicated city builders like Virtual City, you’ll have more than 100 different kinds of buildings to use in the construction of your empire.  You can play with your friends or make new friends all around the world, as you’ll need to be on the internet to play Lacuna Expanse.  Work together to trade and build your empires strong, or go total war against your neighbors.  The choice is up to you.

The Lacuna Expanse Kevin Runde, The Lacuna Expanse, 44.7 MB – Free

Robin Hood – Archer of the Woods – There have been a few games on the App Store featuring the archer in emerald clothing (and no, I’m not talking about D.C. Comics’ Green Arrow).  I’m guess there hasn’t been one quite like this, however.  Instead of robbing from the rich to feed the poor, in Archer Of The Woods your task is to defend your village in a castle defense style.  Your defense is the Hood himself, wielding everything from normal arrows to shafts with nuclear warheads as tips.  You’ll take on endless hordes of all different manner of enemies, and engage in boss fights with dress wearing trolls and cow / dragon hybrids, assuming you can trust the pictures.  I hope so, because that sounds like lots of fun.  For the competitive souls you can even earn achievements and compare scores via Crystal or Apple’s Game Center.

Robin Hood - Archer of the Woods Clickgamer, Robin Hood – Archer of the Woods, 21.6 MB – $0.99

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition – Maybe it’s because I’m not an Adult Swim fan, but I don’t really get the appeal of Robot Unicorn Attack.  I’ve tried the Flash version, and to me it’s nothing more than an average “run as long as you can” game.  The developers must see some interest in the product, however, as now we have a version for those who think rainbows and fairies aren’t quite manly enough.  Enter “Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition”, where rolling meadows are replaced with landscapes littered with bones and talons.  Instead of fairies you get exploding pentagrams and floating demons.  For your listening “pleasure” you get the song Battlefield by Blind Guardian.  I don’t know how long the appeal of this franchise is going to last, but maybe next we’ll get Robot Unicorn Attack Elton John Edition.

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition Turner Broadcasting, Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition – $0.99

Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2 – If Phoenix Wright style game play is of interest to you but you’ve been hesitant about spending the “big bucks” for the real thing, maybe this offering from Mobileking can whet your appetite.  You take on the role of Victoria and try to prove that 4 different clients are innocent of the crimes they’ve been charged with.  All your crime show watching will come in handy as you review court records, gather evidence and interview people whom might need to be called as witnesses.  Then it’s off to trial where you must question the prosecution and their witnesses as well as raise any objections to keep the discussions on topic.  The case topics range from proving a factory defect to full blown murder.  Can you put Perry Mason to shame?

Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2 Seller: Mobileking Inc., Beauty Lawyer Victoria 2, 34.8 MB – $0.99

Astrowings – It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent vertical scrolling shooter on the scene, and it looks like Astrowings might fit the bill.  The screen shots look really nice, so it’s already starting off better than many of the choices that have been shown up recently.  The game looks to use the touch method of control, which generally seems to work better for this style of game.  There are 9 levels that can be played over 4 difficulty levels, so it should appeal to beginners and veterans alike.  You can acquire 6 different types of weapons that can be upgraded over 4 levels, and there are 3 modes for a special time attack.  If they enemies are varied and the level design is decent, this could be a contender for vertical shooting nirvana.  It even sports a global ranking system, though it doesn’t mention whether it uses one of the already established social networks or it’s own system.

Astrowings LIVEZEN Corp., Astrowings, 19.5 MB – $1.99

Fumes Stunt Racer – This looks like a traditional 3D racer.  The game promises to have gravity-defying tracks and spectacular jumps, which makes me think of EA’s Racing Destruction Set, though I don’t imagine it will be that crazy.  There are currently 15 tracks, and the next update is going to include 7-10 more, which is quite a sizeable number given the $2 price tag.  Hopefully the tilt controls will provide a satisfying driving experience.  The game provides OpenFeint integration for leaderboards, but there’s no mention of multi-player or even of computer opponents, which is a bit odd.  Hopefully I’m just missing something, though, as at least one of those is necessary for a solid racing experience.  One other thing to note is that the game is universal, so you can enjoy it on both your iPhone and iPad.

Fumes Stunt Racer Sector3, Fumes Stunt Racer, 78.8 MB – $1.99

That wraps up another week of iPhone / iPad gaming.  As always, if there’s a game you’ve been playing from this past week that you think should have been on this list, feel free to add a reply to this post.

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