Cut The Rope in review – What’s An Angry Bird?

If you haven’t heard by now, Cut the Rope is the Angry Birds killer.  After having spent some time with it, I can begin to see where they might make that claim.  Of course it’s a completely different style of gameplay than Angry Birds, but from my point of view it’s a bit more accessible from a difficulty standpoint.  Besides, how can you not love Om Nom?  Will it’s dethroning of the champion be permanent?  I’m not sure, but in the mean time I’m just going to enjoy it for what it is – an incredibly fun physics based puzzler with an adorable protagonist.

So what would you do if you found a cute little alien wrapped up in a box on your doorstep?  Why you’d feed him candy of course!  It worked for E.T., right?  The alien is Om Nom, and his appetite for candy is insatiable.  Fortunately you have all kinds of candy to feed him, it just happens to be attached to ropes.  Some ropes are taught, some are loose, but all of them will react in some way when you swipe them.  The key is to get the candy from its initial point in the level to Om Nom’s mouth.  If the candy ever falls “outside the box” you have to restart the level.

Spikes will destroy your candy on contact.  Bubbles will try and carry the candy away, though you can pop the bubbles by tapping them.  Spiders will crawl down the ropes towards the candy, and you must swipe the ropes before the spider gets the goods.  On the plus side you’ll have whoopee cushions that can blow the candy in a desirable direction and ropes that have movable anchor points so you can better position the rope to suit your needs.  These are just some of the helps and hindrances you’ll find along the way.

There are also three stars you can collect on each level.  You can pass a level without getting any stars, but there’s certainly no fun in that.  Besides, not only do most of your points come from the stars, but you’ll need the stars to unlock more boxes to play in.  The only real gripe I have about the gameplay is that there are certain elements that feel like they were designed more for a stylus than my fat fingers.  Occasionally there is also a level that really doesn’t feel like it was designed for one handed play (assuming you hold the device with another hand and not your feet or something).  Nothing insurmountable, but sometimes it can be frustrating.

This is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzle games I’ve played.  Om Nom is the star, of course, with his big eyes (and mouth) that are quite expressive.  The spiders are also rather amusing when they get active and try and steal the candy.  Everything is colorful and detailed and all just gels together quite nicely.

The sound effects are actually really decent as well.  Naturally Om Nom once again stands out, whether he’s whimpering over a missed candy or happily chomping on a piece that’s been caught.  The spiders manage to stay at a close second in this department as well, with a charming yet menacing laugh when the score a piece of candy.  The music is quite upbeat and almost sounds like the background tune to a Saturday morning cartoon.  It would be nice if there were more than one song to spread across the boxes, however.

Who would have thought that a game that forces you to think “inside the box” could be so much fun!  The puzzles are challenging, the music keeps you tappin’, and it’s almost impossible to resist the cuteness that is Om Nom.  From the first level Cut The Rope had me roped in, and I suggest you let it do the same to you.

App Summary
Title: Cut the Rope Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0 or later
Price: $0.99 App Size: 12.4 MB
  • Great concept
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Wonderful character
  • Amusing sound effects
  • Some puzzles hard with bigger fingers


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