New Mobile iGuides to Disneyland Resort on iPhone, iPad and Android

Lehi, Utah – Moki Mobility, a mobile applications and cloud services development company, is pleased to announce that Parktastiq 1.5, a mobile iGuide for Disneyland Resort is now available in the iTunes app store and on Android Market. There is also a new iPad iGuide, Parktabulous 1.0, available on iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Parktastiq, a free mobile iGuide, helps guests make the most of their visit to the parks by putting details about all of the parks’ attractions in the palm of their hand. With a few taps and strokes, guests can decide what attractions they’re interested in, which rides they’ve already done, and see how busy the attractions are. To help people avoid a long wait, a simple system identifies if a ride has short wait time (green), moderate wait time (yellow) or a long wait time (red). This simple coding scheme lets users decide which attractions from their wish list are the best ones to visit at any given moment.

One user says, “This is the perfect app for Disneyland lovers! The design is great and easy for anyone to use.” Another user adds, “The map is awesome!”

Tom Karren, CEO of Moki Mobility, explains why the company developed Parktastiq: “My kids love Disneyland, but I hated wandering around the park with my nose stuck in the fold-out paper guide, figuring out what ride to go to next. With an explosion of smart phones around, and the power of cloud services, I decided that it was time for a great mobile iGuide.”

The development team at Moki developed a cloud service and versions of a mobile app for iPhone and Android. Tom adds, “We wanted a simple system where guests could make a quick wish list, see what rides were the least busy, and keep track of the rides they’d done. People would also want to know where the ride is, and what it’s all about. Our users tell us that Parktastiq is just what they need to get more out of their visit to the parks: simple, and to-the-point.”

Enhancements to Parktastiq Version 1.5 include a check-in and check-out feature, a resizable park map, and integration with facebook. Parktastiq already has a color-coded scheme to show how busy rides are, but with this new version, as users start to check in and out of rides, Parktastiq will be able to give estimates of wait times to the minute.

Social networks are increasingly popular, so the Moki Mobility team added a feature to post updates to facebook. From Parktastiq, users can post their status to facebook any time, or whenever they check in to a ride. This is a quick and easy way to let online friends know you’re on vacation at Disneyland.

About these new enhancements, Tom says, “Start with the powerful and simple features of Parktastiq 1.0, add in check-in and social networking, and you have a great way to enjoy the park and also include your friends in the fun.”

Apple’s iPad has been a huge success, with estimates of a total of 11 million units selling in 2010. One retail analyst calls it “a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.” The device’s large screen, paired with its portability made it an ideal target for a vacation planning tool. Tom Karren says, “some Parktastiq users told us how they love to use the app to plan their vacation weeks ahead of time, so making an iPad app just made sense. The park maps look great on the iPad.”

iPhone users can download Parktastiq for free from Apple’s App Store. Android users can download Parktastiq from Android Market. Parktabulous is now available on the App Store for $3.99.

Parktastiq 1.5
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