Route4Me Announces Enterprise Edition and New Route Management Tools

San Francisco, California – Today, Route4Me has released premium versions of its product for businesses of all sizes. The new service plans offer users the ability to plan and manage routes that include up to 200 addresses. Using Route4Me’s new premium service plans, businesses will be able to optimize employees’ time, save money and Go Green. Businesses of all sizes are able to take advantage of the new monthly service plans.

People who are using Route4Me while remaining on-the-go will see significant updates and feature enhancements on the iPhone and iPad applications, making route planning on mobile devices even more seamless. These updates include a turn-by-turn route path, support for kilometers as a new distance unit, real-time address validation and suggestions, better error messaging, point-of-interest support and graceful error handling.

All users will now have access to real-time batch geocoding and reverse geocoding services, which enables any user to freely geocode addresses or look up addresses based on existing geo-coordinates. All users will now also have access to Route4Me’s unique GPS file converter service, which makes it possible for users to avoid vendor lock-in by enabling them to convert GPS files from 12 of the most popular GPS formats such as CSV, Google Earth’s KML, XML, etc. to any other target GPS format such as TomTom.

As part of its premium services, Route4Me has also enhanced its product offering with route notes capabilities. RouteNotes(TM) gives business users the ability to keep detailed records about each route. RouteNotes(TM) lets users associate additional information with routes, e.g., delivery confirmation, customer requests and special customer requests.

Route4Me Co-Founder and CTO Dan Khasis said that, “Route planning and optimization is a big business because anybody who operates any type of vehicle needs to reduce operating expenses.” Mr. Khasis also added that, “Route4Me’s over 100,000 users will continue to use our service long after the economy recovers because increased productivity will become even more important when there are more places to visit or deliveries to make.”

Users will now also have the option to select Microsoft Bing or Google Maps as their preferred mapping provider. Businesses of all sizes are able to take advantage of Route4Me’s premium versions. The new monthly service plans range in price from $25 (USD) to $100 per month, and offer users the ability to plan and manage routes up to 200 addresses.


Route4Me identifies the shortest and most efficient route to all your destinations quickly and easily. Route4Me is available for free on the Web, iPhone and iPad for routes that include up to 10 addresses. Premium service plans are available to businesses of all sizes. These plans offer enhanced features and the ability to plan routes that include up to 200 addresses. Copyright (C) 2010 Route4Me. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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