Data Usage In Review – Monitoring Your kB,mB,gB Easily!

Monitoring your data usage is one of those mundane things that most people just overlook. It’s boring, tedious and if you’re like me you have enough things to worry about in a day without adding yet another. Thankfully, sigterm has come out with Data Usage for your iPhone, a quick and easy monitoring tool to help track all your data usage with minimal effort.

Data usage is one of the things that we will likely forget from a day-to-day basis. We usually assume that we are within our limits, or if your one of the lucky users to have multiple GBs of monthly data, you probably don’t even worry about hitting or going over the cap. In most cases that would be true, but with apps like Netflix and ZumoCast that enables easy streaming of videos and music (let’s not forget about getting your daily fix of YouTube on the road), we’re simply using more and more data as the days go by.

Now some providers have actually created apps of their own that will show your data usage.  One problem with those unfortunately is that usually require you need to be on a 3G signal connect to your account.  Now that wouldn’t seem like a huge deal, but think about if you were sitting at home connected to your wifi and wanted to see how much data you’ve been using. You’d have to turn your wifi off, launch the app, then turn your wifi back on after. A pain in the neck to say the least. With Data Usage however, you can check your usage whenever, wherever.  Not only that but you can also monitor how much wifi data you’ve been using as well. It may not be a concern to some, but it’s still useful info to have on hand in case you’re wondering what your usage habits are.

The best thing about this app is that it isn’t just a counter showing your usage, it will actually monitor it for you after a couple quick and easy steps. Just go into the options and enter in your billing date, your data limit and whether or not you want push notifications. These monthly notifications will serve as reminders for users to open the app and reset the usage for the new month (the app doesn’t reset the data on its own for next billing cycle). And in terms of actually using the app, simply launch it whenever you want to know where you are at and it’ll show you your usage vs your limit. It even shows you how much data you’ve used since the last time you launched the app. Very cool.

There really isn’t much else to Data Usage. Aside from having to manually reset the app’s data every month to ensure an accurate reading, it’s a great little tool that works as advertised, and without any unnecessary fluff. So if you are looking to easily monitor your data usage and avoid paying any of those nasty overage fees, this may be the app for you.

App Summary
Title: Data Usage Developer: Kartik Patel
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 4.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Monitors all data usage (wifi/3G/EDGE)
  • Can monitor whenever (no 3G restricitons)
  • No notifications for when you’ve exceeded data limit
  • Manual data reset every month


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