10 New App Store Games To Watch [Sep 27 – Oct 3]

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This week seemed to be more about the little guy than about big players releasing anticipated games. From the fine folks at Team Phobic we have GravBot, a freemium title about a little robot that can alter gravity and is on a mission to collect batteries. If you’re into line drawing and tower defense there’s Towers Vs. Dragons, the game that lets you construct the defenses and then lead the bad guys right into them. For RPG fans FDG has released Across Age HD, the iPad version of their Zelda clone that has lots of environmental puzzles and lets you switch between 2 characters. Finally, for the zombie lovers Appy Entertainment has provided a special treat in All-In-1 ZombieBox, a collection of 10 zombie apps that will keep you entertained with the undead for hours.

GravBot – This gravity based puzzler comes from the developers that brought you Bounce On and Tunnel Shoot Pro, so there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be fun.  Your mission is to collect batteries using a cute little robot on one wheel.  In your way are the standard assortment of spikes, lasers, and other nasty implements of destruction.  You’ll also have to contend with levers, doors, elevators and other things that are useful but need to be manipulated.  The neat feature, however, is that you control the flow of gravity.  You can turn the world 90 degrees at a time or do a complete 180 to get where you need to go.  Just be sure there’s something to land on when you turn!  Medals are earned based on the fewest number of turns required to complete a level, and connecting to the Plus+ network allows you to compete with others.  The first 12 levels are free, and IAP gives you the opportunity to buy 2 more packs of 29 levels apiece.  It’s time to turn your world upside down.

GravBot Team Phobic, LLC, GravBot, 14.8 MB – Free

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection – I never owned a ZX Spectrum, and I don’t believe I’ve ever even played one before.  I do know, however, that it seems to be a very popular machine in retro gaming circles.  Elite Collection tries to rekindle that nostalgia with an iPhone interface that presents the games in 100% of their outdated glory.  From 16 color graphics to tinny sound, the joys of yesteryear are all there.  The games can be played in portrait or landscape mode depending on your preference and each one has a unique control scheme suited to the game itself.  The initial collection comes with six games, and the first update will provide 6 more free of charge.  More importantly, however, is the fact that the developer will license their technology to allow companies that own ZX Spectrum IP to bring their old games to new audiences.  If this takes off, it will be interesting to see what other old devices get this kind of treatment.

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection Elite Systems, ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection, 9.6 MB – $0.99

All-In-1 ZombieBox – If you’re a zombie game fan then there’s a good chance that you either already own this or at least own several of the games in it, but I figured it’s worth mentioning anyway.  The collection contains 10 full games from different developers, including Appy Entertainment’s own Zombie Pizza, which of itself is a good game.  The themes range from time management (Zombie Pizza) to hack ‘n slash (Draw Slasher) to everything in between.  There are even a couple of novelty apps like Zombie Saw and Zombie Apocalypse Manual, which provides 100s of tips for surviving the next great undead outbreak.  You know it’s going to happen!  Several of these games are worth the price of admission on their own merit, but to get all 10 for 99 cents is a steal.  I’m curious to see if they plan on adding any more games as time goes on.

All-In-1 ZombieBox Appy Entertainment, All-In-1 ZombieBox, 85.1 MB – $0.99

Sir Lovalot – Sometimes I like to write about fun, quirky little games, and if anyone knows how to deliver in that regards it is the folks that brought us Fly Kiwi, Fly! It sounds like they’ve done it again with Sir Lovalot, the tale of a bumbling knight that must traverse the Infinite Tower Of Doom to rescue the fair princess.  Perils aplenty await as you tilt your device to help the knight climb higher and higher towards his goal.  If it’s anything like Fly Kiwi, Fly! there will be humorous dialog, cute visuals and lots of fun.  Plus, the developers promise that said tower resides in the Kingdom Of Many Many Towers, which means we can expect updates with more towers, villains and prizes.  Sounds like some nice, casual fun to me.

Sir Lovalot Hungry Game, Sir Lovalot, 16.6 MB – $0.99

Vikings Row! – I’m in a quirky mood today, so let’s take a look at Vikings Row! as well.  This game comes from the fine publishing house that brought you Pigeon Squadron, so regardless of what kind of humor it is you know they have some sense of humor.  In Vikings Row you have to help some poor plunderers recover their horde of gold that they lost after a night filled with a bit too much partying.  There are 48 levels of traps and dangers spread across 6 worlds, and each level requires you to collect a certain number of coins before time runs out.  Are you good enough to get a gold shield on every level?  There are also hidden challenges that will allow you to earn more than 15 awards.  It might not be a pirate’s life for them, but it still sounds like fun.

Vikings Row! I-play, Vikings Row!, 77.8 MB – $0.99

Towers vs. Dragons – This is kind of a unique little concept.  It’s a tower defense game, as you must protect the land from dragons by building towers that will burn them, freeze them, impale them with arrows and more.  When you’re not busy building towers, however, you must actually guide the dragons to the towers in good old fashioned line drawing style.  This sounds like just the game to reinvigorate both the line drawing and tower defense genres, both of which seem to grow more stale with each passing contribution that gets submitted to the App Store.  The graphics look pretty decent, and with any luck the music is good, since the developer felt the desire to actually put the composer’s URL in the iTunes description.  My only concern is that there are just 15 levels, but if they are challenging enough that might suffice for now.  Hopefully future updates will bring new content.

Towers vs. Dragons Iouri Korotkikh, Towers vs. Dragons, 7.9 MB – $0.99

Yslandia – Yslandia is a “pay at the gate” MMORPG.  In other words, you pay for the client, but then you can connect to the world for free as long as you want to play.  The game is designed to provide a fulfilling experience whether you choose to wander the islands on your own or with a group of players.  You can engage in PvP combat, clan combat, or stick to fighting the computer controlled monsters.  There are six different races to choose from, each with three subtypes of characters.  You can even keep up to three different characters at a time to try out different playing experiences.  Since it’s online the world will be constantly evolving, and there are enough different ways to experience the game that you should be busy for quite some time.  The graphics are a bit on the cutesy side, but the game play is definitely hardcore, so don’t let the exterior fool you.  With few of this style of MMORPG available on the iPhone, Yslandia should be pretty popular.

Yslandia BULKYPIX, Yslandia, 109 MB – $4.99

Save The Children Earthquake Response – When a globally renowned children’s organization makes a time management iPhone game, this is the result.  A densely populated island has been rocked by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake, and you must deploy aid to those that have been injured.  You can manage up to three locations at one time, and you must prioritize the victims’ needs to make sure everyone is getting the best care they can receive.  Get people to the right tents for treatment, keep supply lines stocked, and direct trucks to the appropriate destination before they run out of fuel.  The current story mode has 14 levels, and updates are planned to add more content.  Best of all, you can help the disaster ridden island at no cost to you, since Earthquake Response is free.

Note: unfortunately the iTunes link below may only work for the Australia App Store at the moment, as it currently isn’t available on the U.S. store.

Enabled Solutions, Save The Children Earthquake Response – Free

Across Age HD – The iPad version of FDG’s classic RPG that brings the feeling of Zelda to your iPad (see our review for the iPhone version).  Enjoy pixel perfect HD JRPG graphics with Anime style cut scenes.  The battle system has been revamped for the iPad, and there is a new dungeon with a new boss for even more game time, so even if you’ve played before there’s reason to play again.  The game includes environmental puzzles, which are sorely lacking in most Zelda “clones”.  You can even switch between two playable characters throughout the course of the game.  Each character has their own fighting and technical skills that are required to complete different puzzles and pass certain obstacles.  You even get to travel back through time and revisit key places in the game.  Sounds like the perfect retro RPG to me.

Across Age â„¢ HD FDG Mobile Games, Across Age â„¢ HD, 185 MB – $7.99

Blue Defense: Second Wave! – This is the sequel to the highly popular minimalist planetary defense game Blue Defense, which came out in 2008.  This time around the planet is more centralized in the screen, giving you 360 degrees of intense action to deal with.  Game play can take several seconds to several hours, depending on the mode you choose and how good you are.  Modes include a Gauntlet mode that you can actually win, and infinite modes that require you to go as long as you can.  You’ll fight 24 types of enemies over 64 levels to try and obtain 200 different types of medals.  The game supports multi-touch and tilt controls, and in a rare maneuver allows you to use them at the same time!  Are you ready to protect the blue planet’s population of 6.8 million people?

Blue Defense: Second Wave! Cat in a Box Games, Blue Defense: Second Wave!, 11.2 MB – $0.99

Not satisfied with just 10 new titles? Here are several more notable releases in the past week:

And so another week of game watching ends.  As always, if you’ve played something that came out in the past week that you feel should have been mentioned here, feel free to add a reply to this post and let us know.

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