IngZ Mobile Apps Bring Personal Guided Tours to the iPhone

Austin, Texas – IngZ, Inc., an Austin-based mobile software development company, today announced the availability of two new mobile apps – Tour Guide Tool (TGT) and touringZ – which allow area experts to create custom GPS-guided audio tours that can be enjoyed by anyone with a smartphone. Currently available on the iPhone App Store, these applications connect guides and travelers through multimedia, GPS-based experiences.

While numerous travel planning smartphone apps exist today, a vast majority focus on checklists of “things to do” in various locations. With TGT and touringZ, for the first time travelers have access to personalized experiences through interesting tours that include text, photos and audio descriptions directly from their tour guide. The TGT app creates a full multimedia experience for the touringZ user while they walk, bike, boat or drive through each tour, guided by GPS and the guide’s expert voice.

“We created ingZ to let experts and enthusiasts easily put their knowledge onto smartphones to share with others, and we’re proud to announce the availability of TGT and touringZ,” said Tony Howlett, founder and president of ingZ, Inc. “As an avid traveler myself who likes to get off the beaten path, I always felt like the existing smartphone tools were lacking the personal touch and expert guidance I crave. TGT gives experts the tool they need to record their journeys and touringZ allows travelers to tap into the kind of local flavor that makes trips memorable.”

TGT is a simple tool that allows people to share their travel experiences in a way that allows others to follow literally in their footsteps. This easy-to-use app captures locations of the guide’s choosing and lets them record audio, take photos and input text to accompany them. The app then packages the locations into a “tour” and allows the guide to share it. People can use TGT for everything from documenting a run, journaling a trip or just taking notes while they walk around to better remember details later.

Kristy Owen, founder of the 365 Things to do in Austin website, is using TGT to create tours based on locations featured on her site. “The TGT app is allowing me to provide fun tours for my followers that complement my website by adding a mobile element,” said Owen. “TouringZ brings users an experience that’s like a good friend showing them around town. The TGT iPhone interface makes creating tours extremely simple, and the web editor allows me to easily edit and update tours from my computer. I can’t wait to create a whole list of tours that highlight things I love about Austin.”

TouringZ are focused, guided experiences created for travelers by local experts and enthusiasts. Using touringZ is like having a personal guide in the iPhone. Whether people are new to town, tourists, or looking for something new in their hometown, touringZ offers a variety of adventures for anyone. TouringZ puts together audio (so people can listen with an earbud or iPhone), photos (things to look for as well as photos which let users know they’re in the right place), and other information presented at each stop while the location-aware application updates users as they move from spot to spot.

Current tours available on touringZ include:
* Las Vegas – low roller tour, around the world in a day tour, historical tour
* National Parks – Death Valley tour, Yellowstone National Park south loop tour
* Historical tours – DC Mall tour, Austin Capitol tour, Texas Independence tour
* Hikes – Rocky Mountain National Park hike, Garden of the Gods hike, Amicolala Falls hike
* Get-to-know-the-city tours – Austin: Lamar Blvd from north to south, best parks and pools of The Woodlands, Main Street walk in Fredericksburg
* Wineries – Guadalupe Valley wineries, Austin-Fredericksburg wineries
* Boating tours – Lake Travis by canoe
* Europe – Glendalough tour in Ireland, tour of Florence, Italy

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IngZ, Inc. is a mobile software development company that was founded to help smartphone users share their knowledge with each other. Based in Austin, Texas, ingZ creates the tools that let local knowledge experts and enthusiasts easily put their knowledge onto smartphones. Copyright (C) 2010 IngZ, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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