Gobliiins coming to the iiiPhone

One of the more original point-and-click adventure game series back in the golden age of the genre has certainly been the Gobliiins series by Cocktel Vision. It put the player in controls of 3 characters with different skills that had to be used creatively to solve puzzles and advance to the next area. Looking back at the game now I can’t help but relive fond memories of playing this excellent but devilishly hard game. Good news folks, thanks to Bulkypix the adventures of this ungodly bunch are coming soon to the App Store! Oh yeah, and chapter 2 and 3 are already planned for Nov 15 and Dec 15 respectively, so stay tuned!

Check out the official press-release and screenshots after the gap!

Press Release

One of the best ever played Point & Click games is back!

Relive all these adventures in their original concept with a gameplay totally readapted to the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The Kingdom of King Angoulafre has been enjoying peace and prosperity for years. Suddenly, the king is suffering from strange pains for which there seems to be no explanation. Our three inseparable Gobliiins, Hooter, Dwayne and BoBo accept the mission of finding the Wizard Niak in order to save the king.

Travel through fantastic lands to find the perfect cure to save the king of his mysterious illness. Take control of the gobliiins to solve all the puzzles thanks to their special capacities. You will rediscover this unique style, this captivating story, these difficult mysteries with a well thought out gameplay. Otherwise there is still the descrition from Wikipedia:

In Gobliiins the player controls a team of three goblins, each with a unique skill his own. The first goblin, Asgard (BoBo in the US release), is a warrior who is more brawn than brain, and whose skill is punching, causing various things to break or fall over. He is also the only one who can climb other objects than stairs and ladders. The second, Ignatius (US: Hooter), is a magician who can ‘zap’ things with magic with a wide variety of usually unexpected effects, which include objects moving, growing, or becoming alive. The third, Oups (US: Dwayne), is a technician and is the only one of the three that can pick up and use items.

The game is linear and consists of 22 levels, each of which occupies a single screen. The puzzles on each level must be successfully solved in order to progress to the next.

Several actions may harm the goblin involved, including leaving them in an unsafe place, using incorrect items, or interacting with items with the wrong characters, thus reducing their shared life meter. When the meter runs out, the game ends in defeat (though all levels can be completed without loss of life).

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